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Slackpack SLAX modules.

Lately I was checking the statistics of Slackpack’s site, and I can see that alot of users clicked on Slackpack 1.1.8 module (.lzm) for SLAX,

I’ve stopped using SLAX for a while now, so I cant maintain any .lzm modules for Slackpack, if anyone would like to contribute and make an .lzm module for Slackpack newest version 1.1.9
-and for the upcoming versions if you want-

feel free to do it and let me know to publish it on the Downloads page.... read more

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2010-01-21

added Finnish translation to current.

Finnish translation added to -current thanks to Lassi Kojo

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2009-12-15

Slackpack version 1.1.9 released :)

Slackpack version 1.1.9 just released including a new feature! :)

*added get packages feature (Download slackware linux packages from packages repositories)

*added translations support + greek translation
*Various bug fixes + code tweaks

Slackpack Homepage:

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2009-11-19

Slackpack 1.1.7 released

Slackpack version 1.1.7 just released

* added package information feature on list pkgs tab
* added save/copy actions
* segmentation fault on remove/upgrade package bug fixed

Slackpack homepage:

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2009-10-11

Slackpack 1.1.5 released :)

-Version 1.1.5
Monday September 28, 2009,


* Slackpack ported succefully to Qt4.
* new Slackware package format (.txz) fully supported :)
* UI changes: progress dialog on “list packages” tab works like a charm ;)
* UI changes: added a “search” function on “List Packages” tab.
* Various Code Tweaks
* Various Bug fixes

Download and more info@

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2009-09-28

Slackpack updates :)

I've just finish porting the "Create Package" future to qt4,

so far I've ported the install/remove and now create package future to qt4 and they are actually working pretty good although a big part of qt3 code can work properly using the Qt3Support library of Qt4 ;) the menu bar actions are working also xD

Ialso thinking of upgrading the UI and adding some new cool futures, if you have any good ideas please contact me or add them here:... read more

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2009-09-19

Slackpack for the new Slackware 13.0

As of 28-08-2009 the development of the new version of Slackpack for Slackware 13.0 has started :)

the next version will include major upgrades coz the new Slackware 13.0 will come with KDE 4.2.4 and a new(!) .txz package format, this means that ill have to upgrade the hole Slackpack UI from qt3 to qt4 and make Slackpack compatible with .txz, i didnt have the change to test the Slackware 13.0 yet but im downloading the .iso now so it wont last long before i start coding again! :)

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2009-08-28

Slackpack 1.1.4 released

Slackpack version 1.1.4 released :)

-Version 1.1.4
Wednesday February 18, 2009,

Code rearranged
Various Code Tweaks
"Create Package" feuture now fully functional, (i hope it works now :P).
Various bug fixes.

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2009-02-18

300 to go! xD

aprox 1year after the first official release of Slackpack, today we've reached 700 downloads :)
I'm very glad to see that slackware linux users are using my program as their package manager :)

looking forward to see 1000download count for Slackpack.

Thank You.

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2008-11-29

Slackpack version 1.1.2 released :)

version 1.1.2 just released.

Version 1.1.2
Sunday October 26, 2008,

*added icons to tabs.
*added yes/no question dialogs to remove package future. (now you'll never remove a package by mistake :P).
*Various bug fixes.


Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2008-10-26

version 1.1.1 released :)

Slackpack version 1.1.1 just released! heres a list of updates in the new version.

-Version 1.1.1
Wednesday October 15, 2008,


* GUI updated, arranged buttons to groupboxes.
* added a status bar.
* “Create Package” button bug fixed, now its fully functional, and the created package is copied to home directory.
* List Packages tab: added option for showing an external dialog with the console output.
* Various Bug fixes.

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2008-10-16

version 1.1.0 released!

Slackpack new 1.1.0 version is out :).

-Version 1.1.0
Thursday October 02, 2008,


* New GUI update, now gui looks much more “pro” :P, with a menubar.
* Various Bug fixes.
* “Upgrade Package” button now is fully functional and moved to the List Packages tab.
* Started to write some documentation for Slackpack using the standart kde doc format, .docbook.

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2008-10-03

new version comming...

Version 1.1.0 is on the way!.

the new version will include some serious bug fixes, new -more pro.- GUI and maybe a “get packages” future.

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2008-09-28

1.0.5 version released!

Finally after 3-4 months of waiting the new Slackpack version 1.0.5 is out!

New Version Updates:
Friday September 05, 2008,


"List Packages" feuture added, now you can
review already installed packages and remove any.

Download here:

Slackpack 1.0.5 .tgz release

Slackpack 1.0.5 source.tar.gz release

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2008-09-06

Homepage Changed.

Slackpack's new home is:

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2008-02-14

Version 1.0.3 relased!

Version 1.0.3 Released,
Slackpack version 1.0.3 just released. Slackpack "jumbed" from 1.0.1 version to 1.0.3 because of 2big upgrades!

Updates in the current version:
"Create Package" option now included, Slackpack will use the standart Slackware Linux "makepkg" command to create a .tgz package from your application's source code.
Also, Slackpack's UI changed a bit, buttons are now bigger with new fancy icons :)

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2008-02-13

New version comming...

A new version of slackpack is currently working, the next version will include a "Create Package" future.
You will be able to create Slackware Linux .tgz packages.
Slackpack will use the default "makepkg" command of Slackware linux to succeed that.

In other words it will just simpify the process needed for creating a package manually using "makepkg" command.

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2008-01-31

Version 1.0.1 released

Slackpack version 1.0.1 just released.
On this version deb2tgz is works perfectly :)

also added some doc files and the default install location of the program is

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2008-01-21

First Release.

Version 1.0,
First Release Slackpack is born!

On 1-4-2008 the first release of Slackpack was born!
SLackpack- a package manager with GUI for Slackware Linux is alive! :)

Posted by Pavloudis Zisis 2008-01-16