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Look in svn...

Nice to see you've been downloading! The version in Subversion is much better than the current file release, I've just not got around to releasing it yet. In particular the DNS code in the existing file release has a couple of problems.
I've been taking issue in Skype's Jira bug tracker with some fairly major problems with both the SkypeWeb service and the associated documentation - see here for details:
For now my class works around these problems - I'm just hoping they fix them properly!

Posted by Marcus Bointon 2006-06-03

Project page is up

The Skype sourceforge project page is up!
Now I just need to put a site together for the home page area...
My PHP class for SkypeWeb is coming soon - I'm going to wait until SourceForge's Subversion service is live (apparently this month) before setting up a repository - I can't face setting up CVS and then changing it all.

Posted by Marcus Bointon 2006-02-07