Skycastle 0.0.1 - Terrain Demo Released

This first release demonstrates the terrain rendering engine of Skycastle.

It uses varying level of detail, with more detailed terrain closer to the viewer, and a procedurally generated terrain (using Perlin noise). Thanks to this, it is able to support very distant views (the current settings are set to 32 km).

There are still areas that can be improved, such as reducing terrain 'popping' by using geomorphing, and increasing the terrain resolution at medium distances.

The next steps are to start adding game functionality bit by bit, probably starting with entities on the terrain, and continuing to a first gathering oriented mini-game.

My plan is to try to stick with an one-week iteration from now on, in an agile spirit (fix release dates but not content) - that means you can expect the next Skycastle release on the incoming Sunday!

Posted by Hans Häggström 2006-11-13

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