At first time,I want to say hello at all, and I say that Ive little experience at this technology, java, webdav and similar.But Im very interesting in these.

        I had installed apache, with mod_dav module, over W2k. By web browser, I can access to the webdav resources.
        Also, when I execute skunkdav jar file, appear the GUI client for webdav, and this connect perfectly with the webdav server, and all methods perform very well.

        Althougth, when I write code for this, using skunkdav librarys, I always receive the same message error.

        This is the code that I wrote. It is very simple, because Im only trying with it, for the moment:

package PaqueteWebdav;

import org.skunk.dav.client.method.*;
import org.skunk.dav.client.*;

public class ejemplodav1
  public ejemplodav1()

  public static void main(String[] args)
    ejemplodav1 ejemplodav1 = new ejemplodav1();

    //Creamos una conexin al servidor webdav
    DAVConnection conexion=new DAVConnection("",80);

    CopyMethod metodo=new CopyMethod("","");

    try {
    catch(DAVException e)
      System.out.println("Error DAV: " + e.getMessage());
    catch(IOException e)
      System.out.println("Error IO: " + e.getMessage());


The error that occur is:

Error DAV:
at org.skunk.dav.client.DAVConnection.execute(
at PaqueteWebdav.ejemplodav1.main(

Well, if anyone can help me...?
Can you send me some simple code example, for do this or other actions by webdav.

Thanks you very much, and Im sorry for my english.