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New release V0.3.1

This release is a small update on the previous release, but adds extra functionality and marks a significant change in the underlying code. For the first time it is possible to use the Save All command to save the skin file. It is only a short step to creating complete skin files and already a basic skin has been created and demonstrated.


Posted by Sof.T 2007-08-08

Wake up call

Since it has been over a year since the last release you may have assumed that this project had died. This is far from the case. Time has been limited due to work on another project 'Programming With wxDev-C++'. This has filled many hours since last summer. Also University has consumed some of my time, plus a demanding work schedule. Enough about me though and on to the project.

Today sees the first release in over a year. This time there are many changes and finally the project reach the stage in the roadmap when it can be called 0.3.0. So what are the major changes?... read more

Posted by Sof.T 2007-08-04

New Release

Announcing a new release of SkinDoc2. This release is leading into version 0.3. Many new features have been added, some visible, some not so visible. Soon we will be able you a tool that accomplishes all that is at present only offered.


Posted by Sof.T 2006-07-17

New beta release of SkinDoc2 Visual Designer

After a quiet patch during which coding has been quietly progressing, the next release of the visual designer is due soon. Code should be submitted to the cvs in the next couple of weeks and followed soon after by the actual release.


Visual designer now includes embedded form similar to delphi this allows you to see exactly how the finished window will look.

A new event subsystem is in design to allo the different parts of the IDE to communicate effectively. This means that changes made in the property grid will be reflected in the visual design window, etc.... read more

Posted by Sof.T 2006-07-05

Latest CVS Update

The CVS code for WMZOpen has been updated in preparation for the next release. The major enhancement in this release is Play and Stop buttons for the .wav 'viewer'.

Posted by Sof.T 2006-04-06

Website enhancements, new forum

This week has seen the first update to the website. This update is the introduction of a forum. Powered by PHPBB it is hoped that this will allow users of our software to file suggestions, bugs and reature requests.

There are also forums for users to post their own skin building tutorials and offer help.

Any enhancements you wish to see made to the forums just ask.

Posted by Sof.T 2006-03-27

Current CVS Code

The recent commits to the CVS follow the decision to incorporate the guidelines mentioned in wxGuide to this peice of software.

It is hoped that by following the guidelines the program making up the SkinDoc2 suite will be easier for our users to adopt.

Posted by Sof.T 2006-03-27

Introducing SkinDoc2

Today marks the launch of the SkinDoc2 project. The aim of the project is to provide a suite of tools for developers of skins.

The primary focus of this project will be to support Windows Media Player skins, but this will extend to support other media players.

Using wxWidgets as the GUI toolkit will allow programs created by this project to be compiled on a variety of different platforms which will make them accessible to the greatest amount of users possible.... read more

Posted by Sof.T 2006-03-12

Project started

This project has split from the original SkinDoc project. The orginal aims still hold and a release of an editor for windows media files is in the works.

Posted by Sof.T 2006-03-09