#893 Opening should resize PDF to fill window by default


If I open a PDF in Skim, with "Default" "Open Files" setting, I get a window with a bunch of grey space and a PDF too small to read. (See attached screenshot.) Instead, it should grow the PDF to match the size of the window and eliminate the grey. (Note, the window size is stored by the OS in Lion+.) I eventually discovered this could be achieved by the rather arcane sequence of going to the "PDF" menu, selecting "Automatically Resize", and then (after finding a close-reopen lost the setting), choosing "Use Current View Settings as Default". (Which "View Settings" -- the ones under the "PDF" menu? :-} Anything from the "View" menu too? What if I just want to get the sane behavior on document open without saving all kinds of other preferences?)

What I am getting at is that the default behavior on opening a document should be to automatically resize -- whether achieved by pinning a setting under PDF, changing the behavior of the "Default" radio option for "Open Files", or adding a new radio option that does this.

I'm posting this as a "bug" not a "feature request" because the current behavior seems so broken as to be a bug.


  • Christiaan Hofman

    It follows the default settings that you choose as you describe, and that is also pointed to in the preference window. As for "what settings", well, the ones in the menu where the item is located.

    And saying that it should be one particular setting (that you personally like), ios saying that all people should prefer what you prefer. That is simply wrong.

  • Christiaan Hofman

    • status: open --> closed-invalid

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