#881 Compatibility issue between Snow & Lion?

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Hello, Skim engineers/developers, (I love the program. I've used it for a long time. Thank you for such a great program)

Recently, I've started working between a Lion iMac & Snow Leopard laptop (I keep Skim updated to the same version on both computers). I keep my PDF library in a Dropbox folder. When I have annotated a PDF file on the Snow Leopard laptop and saved it in my dropbox folder, does not appear to properly be read by the Lion PDFkit or Skim program. Specifically, this message pops up:
"Unable to read notes for ~/Dropbox/Articles/FileNameHere.pdf, but a Skim notes file with the same name was found. Do you want Skim to read the notes from this file?"

If I click on Yes, the notes appear to be correctly rendered and all content is there.
This is reproducible for all of the Dropbox files that I have tried it with (very old files and recently annotated files). Additionally, if I email myself the pdf & skim file from the Snow Leopard laptop and download both files (.pdf & .skim) to the same folder, I receive the same error. I tested the opposite, (email from Lion to Snow Leopard) but there is an issue: I can't identify any .skim file, (the .skim file is nowhere to be found and is not shown even if I go into Terminal and set the hidden files to be shown.).

Lastly, if I create a new file on the Lion and annotate it, close it, open it again, there is no issue.

I hope this is well detailed for you to easily replicate the issue. Please feel free to ask me for information if you need it. (or if I've regrettably submitted a duplicate issue, please point me to the resolution article as I couldn't find anything. Many thanks for all of your wonderful service to the science community who read tons of articles and depend so much on your annotator.)


  • Christiaan Hofman

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  • Christiaan Hofman

    This has more to do with Dropbox than Lion/Snow Leopard. See the FAQ. Also there's some discussion about using Skim with Dropbox on the users list. AFAIK Dropbox does not copy the Skim notes metadata, so you have to synchronize the notes using the .skim file (as you are already doing).


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