Version 1.20 has a few bug fixes, and the most noticeable new feature being that it supports drag'n'drop, through the standard Java framework. In principle at least, any application that allows some block of text to be dragged into another application should be able to be dragged into the SketchEl window, and as long as that text is an MDL MOL file or SketchEl's native format, it will manifest itself as a molecule at the appropriate position.

There is also a little icon to the right of the menu items (the 4 elements)... if you click and drag on that, you will be moving the data which makes up the currently selected atoms (or the whole molecule if none selected) to any drag'n'drop destination which agrees to accept a string of some sort. It is quite useful for moving data between multiple SketchEl windows, and you can do things like dragging the molecule into a text box (like a text area, for instance), and the raw data will appear. And maybe some other chemically aware programs will respond favourably...

Minimal testing thus far, so Java's write-once/debug-everywhere will no doubt be put through its paces.

Also, numerous improvements and refinements have been made to the fledgling DataSheet editor. While it is still far from mature, it is starting to become at least borderline usable.