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SketchEl 1.02 posted

  • Dr. Alex M. Clark

    Version 1.02 has a few incremental improvements, and a new chunk of functionality for helping out with stereochemistry, of the R/S chirality and E/Z double bond varieties. CIP priorities are calculated, and the wedge/geometry configurations can be rearranged via menu items. Hopefully this is convenient and useful.

    I would just like to point out, if anybody is reading this, that at this moment in time I have not tested the stereochemistry features particularly thoroughly. If there are any unreasonably annoying glitches (such as being wrong, for instance), they will get ironed out over time.

    - Alex.

    • Dr. Alex M. Clark

      The File:Open/Save/Export dialog boxes now have preview modes which parse and display the selected highlighted file, if it is a readable molecule structure.


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