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Beta 3 released

- fixed bug#9 (notifications don't timeout if batch encoding)
- added verbose mode
- fixed bug#7 (no output file if the output folder path contains a espace character)
- added copy and clear terminal ouput functions
- added "busy" mouse cursors
- default encoding profiles can't be overwritten, user defined ones can
- number of user defined profiles is now unlimited
- user defined profiles can be deleted
- added help command line option

Posted by NorthernLights 2007-04-03

Beta 2 released

SIVE beta 2 released
- added direct DVD conversion support
- encoding profiles support added (3 pre-defined, 10 user-defined)
- SIVE can now use mencoder's mp4 muxer - currently EXPERIMENTAL

Posted by NorthernLights 2007-03-22

Subversion repository available

So, people who like to get the screaming bleeding-edge version, who wants to get the new features before they are released and don't mind a little bugs too much, or simply testers, here is the command you need :

svn checkout

This will give you the latest sources, right at the state i left them after last coding.

Note for people not familiar with subversion :
- At least the first time, you'll need to launch './' instead of './configure', and you'll need autoconf, automake and libtoolize.
- Subversion information at : read more

Posted by NorthernLights 2007-03-19

1st beta relased !

SIVE can now use both mp4creator and MP4Box. MP4Box is easier to find and solves some problems.
The interface has been improved (see new screenshots).

Posted by NorthernLights 2007-03-04

alpha 2 released

Many little things added :
- added Real Media format support
- added Quicktime format support
- added MPEG format support
- added ASF/WMV format support
- added VOB format support (no language and subs selection yet)
- added a scrollbar to the terminal
- chained commands instead of sending a big one
- added tray notifications
- added confirmation on quit if converting
- added a "how to use" function

Posted by NorthernLights 2007-02-25

Debian package available

Debian packages will now be available at each release - starting with release 1.a.1.3.

Posted by NorthernLights 2007-02-14

Project website opened !

The SIVE project's website is opened.

Posted by NorthernLights 2007-02-12

sive-pre-alpha-2 released

- H.264 profile implementation fixed : videos play on iPod :) (but there's a subtitles bug)
- french translation done

Posted by NorthernLights 2007-02-10

1st release !

Sive-pre-alpha-1 was releases yesterday. The implementation of the H.264 profile is buggy so videos are not always playable on the iPod. Just a preview release therefore.
The next release, which will correct this bug and therefore will be usable, is coming soon :)

Posted by NorthernLights 2007-02-10

SIVE space opened / MP4Box / 1st release soo

Thanks to all Sourceforge staff ! I now have a CVS server, news, bug tracking, screenshots, download platform, blah blah, for free !
Thaaaanks :)

About SIVE itself : development is still on going, but I've been experiencing bugs playing SIVE produced videos on the iPod. I'm thinking about replacing mp4creator with MP4Box.

Also, the first pre-alpha release is coming :).

Posted by NorthernLights 2007-02-08