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Sitemap Generator 0.6 "Feed-the-Index" released

In this version, thanks to the db4o technology, OSG will automatically split a sitemap in more files with na index.
All the info of this software are available at .

Posted by Mike 2007-05-07

Sitemap Generator 0.5.1 "Let-it-Be" released

This is only a bugfix release.
We're planning a big improvement in the next major release. Stay tuned! (more info on our blog: )
All the specifications of this software are available at .


Posted by Mike 2007-03-28

Sitemap Generator 0.5 "Let-it-Be" released

We've finally released the first beta!
All the specifications of this software are available at .

We regularly use this software to generate the sitemaps of our sites, but this is still a beta release only because we need a bigger users base to test it.
So try it and give us your feedback, thanks!

This is the first version that came out with a download package, so go get it!... read more

Posted by Mike 2007-01-24

The beta is approaching...

We're testing the current svn trunk as the candidate for the first beta release (with also a download package).
If you're interested, I suggest to checkout the trunk and not the last alpha that has some bugs we've fixed in the trunk.


Posted by Mike 2007-01-15

Open Sitemap Generator 0.4a "Manage-my-Session" released

We've released the 0.4a version, that will be the last alpha version.
The next release, numbered 0.5, will be the first beta version, with also a download package.


Posted by Mike 2007-01-11

A new support forum

We've opened a Google Groups (beta) group to use as support forum for our software.
You can find it here:


Posted by Mike 2007-01-11

A new name: Open Sitemap Generator!

There are too may "Sitemap Generator", so we've changed the name to "Open Sitemap Generator".
(I know it's too much original!)


Posted by Mike 2007-01-10

Sitemap Generator 0.3a "Speed-me-Up" released

A new alpha is out, and read the to-do list at the first beta is near!


Posted by Mike 2007-01-09

Sitemap Generator 0.2a "A-leap-Ahead" released

A new alpha version is available in the subversion repository.
I've added a lot of new features, but we're not finished yet!
Try it and let me know via mail at
Remember to check out the project web site at:


Posted by Mike 2006-12-30

Sitemap Generator 0.1a "Ugly-but-Working" released

First alpha released. It's available only on the SVN repository under the "tags" directory.
From the first beta will be made available also the download packages.


Posted by Mike 2006-12-23