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SiteFusion / News: Recent posts

Release 5.1.0 and client 1.1.0!

We decided to skip 5.0.6 and work on toward stabilizing SiteFusion and implementing a lot of the features that we intended to implement further down the road. The first open-source releases contained a lot of freshly rewritten parts. This is the result of the decision to drop compatibility on some points between the proprietary version of SiteFusion and the open-source one. Because of this fork, we could implement some changes that were previously stalled. The result however is that the first open-source release was not as thoroughly tested as its predecessor. Now we've had enough time to test everything, and we smoothed the wrinkles. Downloads here. The changes include:... read more

Posted by Nikki Auburger 2009-10-02

New Forum

Because of constant problems with the SourceForge forum, we decided to host it on our own server. The new forum can be found at

Posted by Tom Peeters 2009-09-20

Documentation in progress

Right now the documentation for SiteFusion is quite cumbersome. We're working on it and expect to be able to release a more comprehensive version in the next few days. We're also working on a better project website, which will contain this documentation and tutorials on various aspects of SiteFusion application programming.

Posted by Nikki Auburger 2009-09-13

Yet another minor release

SiteFusion 5.0.4 adds the elements XULSeparator and XULDropmarker. It also fixes a few broken JavaScript property references.

Posted by Nikki Auburger 2009-09-10

New minor release

Due to a major naming scheme switch prior to the first open-source release of SiteFusion, some files still contained old references to renamed constants. Release 5.0.3 fixes this, and a bug in XULChildWindow where the close event was not initialized.

Posted by Nikki Auburger 2009-09-09

First open-source release of SiteFusion

After several years of development we are proud to present the open-source release of SiteFusion, a web application development client-server framework. Unlike most web application frameworks, SiteFusion does not work through a browser but instead uses a thin XUL client (the same technology Mozilla Firefox is based on). This means that SiteFusion applications are platform-independent, look and behave like native system applications, and are not restricted by browser security to access the local filesystem and execute programs.... read more

Posted by Nikki Auburger 2009-09-07