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adocman 0.12 release

adocman 0.12 has been released from the sitedocs project on This release of adocman contains code clean-up and minor bug fixes. An additional tool, atracker, has been added to permit management of Tracker system Canned Responses; this tool is experimental, undocumented, and of limited use to most folks -- it is used internally by the team, as is adocman.

KNOWN BUG in the 0.12 release: The included tools still report a version number of 0.10 -- this will be corrected in the next release.... read more

Posted by Jacob Moorman 2004-11-24

Support and Feedback for Site Documentation

The team has implemented a simple facility for reporting of documentation-related feedback and support issues. Links to this feedback facility have now been added to document sections within most documents for the easy reporting of typos, grammar errors, documentation bugs and suggestions for documentation enhancement. Your feedback is appreciated, and will be used to improve the overall quality of our site documentation offering.

Posted by Jacob Moorman 2003-01-01

Search Facility Online

The 'sitedocs' project, as of 2002-11-24, now provides a search facility for documents within the Site Documentation collection.

As stated in the Site Documentation titled, "Searching Site Documentation" (document K5): Site Documentation is maintained by the group of staff and end-users associated with the 'sitedocs' project on Since the does not yet include a robust search facility including site documentation, the sitedocs project maintains a temporary search facility for site documentation. This search facility will be maintained until the site includes a more robust search facility that permits searching of Site Documentation (this is something the team is currently working on).... read more

Posted by Jacob Moorman 2002-11-25 Site Documentation Reorganized

As of 2002-11-24, the team has completed the reorganization of Site Documentation. The new categorization and document ordering has been selected as to ensure documents for a particular target group (i.e. project admins, project developers, site end-users) are readily accessible. A number of gaps have been intentionally left within the document ordering, as to permit us to easily add those documents slated for inclusion within the Site Documentation collection.

Posted by Jacob Moorman 2002-11-25 Trove updates: Natural Languages

On 2002-09-06, the team completed updates to the Natural Language section of the Trove system, thus allowing translated documents for a larger number of languages to be stored within the DocManager document management system. The DocManager document management system, available to all projects hosted on, is used by the team in providing the Site Documentation collection ('Site Docs' link in the left navbar of the site). ... read more

Posted by Jacob Moorman 2002-09-06

Initial public release of adocman

Announcing the initial public release (0.08) of adocman, a utility to automate DocManager document management system operations on

The 'sitedocs' project on is responsible for the generation of the site documentation and translations for the site. A number of tools are being developed to aid in the process of documentation and translation management, development and maintenance.... read more

Posted by Jacob Moorman 2002-08-08