Initial public release of adocman

Announcing the initial public release (0.08) of adocman, a utility to automate DocManager document management system operations on

The 'sitedocs' project on is responsible for the generation of the site documentation and translations for the site. A number of tools are being developed to aid in the process of documentation and translation management, development and maintenance.

The Site Documentation for is stored in the DocManager system of, a simple document management system designed for use with basic HTML-format documentation. All projects on are provided the option of using the DocManager system for storing their documentation; DocManager is part of our standard service offering for hosted projects.

On 2002-08-08, the Site Documentation project made the first public release of the 'adocman' utility. adocman provides an easy-to-use means to keep DocManager-stored documentation updated, to backup documentation stored in DocManager, and to build scripts to interact with the DocManager system.

This initial public release includes support for all DocManager operations currently possible using the standard web interface interactively. Also included is the capability to extract information from the DocManager system. By using these capabilities, adocman can be used in developing a comprehensive backup plan for a project, or in developing a system to automate updates of documentation for a project.

The Site Documentation team has elected to make this initial release available for testing purposes, as it will likely solve the needs of many other projects hosted on Development of the adocman utility has continued, and expanded, since the development of the 0.08 release; future releases will provide additional functionality and more reusable components.

The adocman 0.08 release may be downloaded at:

A copy of the manual (documentation) provided for adocman may be viewed at:

Questions or concerns regarding the adocman utility may be directed to its developers at:

Posted by Jacob Moorman 2002-08-08

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