SISCweb v0.33 Released

2006-04-15: v0.33

This is a compatibility release with SISC 1.13, and adds some features
from the 0.4 development branch.


This release is ONLY compatible with SISC 1.13 and up. If
compatibility with SISC 1.11 is desired, SISCweb 0.32 should be used


- A new module siscweb/image provides procedures to send images from
java.awt.image.RenderedImage objects or from files.

- A new API wraps and "scheme-ifies" all methods on the Request,
Response, Session and ServletContext objects. This makes it easier
to access POST data through a scheme input port, or to set the
response buffer size, or set Java or Scheme session attributes, for

- A new procedure forward/dynenv/store! can be used in place of the
@href-p attributes or plain forward/store! when one desires to
capture the dynamic environment of a closure, e.g. SRFI-39
parameters. Because SISC 1.13 solves a few serialization bugs, it is
now possible to use SRFI-39 parameters in place of session
attributes for tracking state. This is particularly useful in
event-based programming (e.g. AJAX). See the Counter example code
(no pun intended).

- Improvements to response writing improve performance for markup,
graphviz, images.

- Improvements to XML/XHTML output.

- A new (backwards-compatible) API for siscweb/config.

- Updated documentation throughout.

- Some internal refactoring.


- Compatible with SISC 1.13.

- Some XML/XHTML fixes.

Posted by Alessandro Colomba 2006-04-15

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