SISCweb v0.3 Released

This releases introduces internal changes, a less monolithical
packaging, and a few bug fixes.


- SISCweb is now divided in a core library and three ancilliary
libraries for generating content, accessing databases, and persisting
continuations through Hibernate. This is to allow these libraries to
evolve with a higher degree of freedom outside of SISCweb releases,
and to avoid encumbering SISCweb with external dependencies.
(Hibernate being the point in case.)

- Scheme files are now compiled at build time, resulting in a much faster
startup time. Dan Muresan also backported this to the 0.2 branch.

- Continuations are now grouped and expired per page. Since
continuations are given "rejuvinated" when they are resumed, it was
possible for older pages to have part of their dispatchers (@href-p)

- A new context initialization sequence obsoletes the old web.xml
files, but is simpler to configure.

- The old Scheme-based DB continuation persistence mechanism is now
replaced by Hibernate. Hibernate is easier to adapt to different
database vendors, and offers interesting caching options.

- The tic-tac-toe example now plays against the user with rules
written in Schelog. This was done to demostrate the ease of meshing
SISCweb with non-traditional programming.

- The webrepl now keeps a history. Thanks to Dan Muresan for his

- Added a few SXML tags: *COMMENT* for XML comments; *TOP* as an
optional, but ignored top-level element; *VERBATIM* as a non-standard
element to produce a string without escaping it.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed a leak in the sql/execute[-query] function.

- Fixed an incompatibility with Resin and possibly other application

- Removed some possible pitfalls from the build process.

Thanks Anton van Straaten, Dan Muresan and Felix Klock for spotting
these bugs.

Posted by Alessandro Colomba 2005-11-25

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