#53 slib software-type detection broken on some OSes


slib need a function SOFTWARE-TYPE that returns the
type of operating system. Currently SISC's slib
bindings call SISC's DETECT-OS function. This is the
only place (other than possible user code) where
DETECT-0S is used.

The problem is twofold:

1) It's also not at all clear what the legal values are
the slib expects - the only way to find that out, it
appears, is to grep through the slib source, which is
subject to change.

2) DETECT-OS analyses the value of the Java os.name
system property. There does not appear to be any
definitive list anywhere of what the legal values for
that property are.

So in order to get SISC's slib integration to work
across multiple platforms we are left in the
unfortunate situation of having to map one unknown set
of data to another unknown set of data.

These issues came up when SISC was run on a sunos box -
the os.name was not a value recognized by DETECT-OS.
Chances are there are quite a few other OSes where SISC
would encounter similar problems.


  • Matthias Radestock

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    I've moved the O/S detection from init.scm to slib.scm since
    slib is the only place that needs it and it is very slib

    I've also tweaked the logic somewhat, based on the list at
    It's now only specifically looking for non-Unix O/Ses and
    assumes that everything else is Unix.

  • Matthias Radestock

    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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