sisal Log

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[94ff4d] by Patrick Miller Patrick Miller

sisalc.1 is now a generated file

2001-01-04 07:06:07 Tree
[fcd9c9] by Patrick Miller Patrick Miller

Now ANSI compliant, but still a pthread problem

2001-01-02 09:16:43 Tree
[28e18d] by Patrick Miller Patrick Miller

Adding prototypes and header info -- all will be broken

2001-01-01 05:46:21 Tree
[de81f7] (vendorstart) by Patrick Miller Patrick Miller

Well, here is the first set of big changes in the distribution
in 5 years! Right now, I did a lot of work on configuration/
setup (now all autoconf), breaking out the machine dependent
#ifdef's (with a central acconfig.h driven config file), changed
the installation directories to be more gnu style /usr/local
(putting data in the /share/sisal14 dir for instance), and
reduced the footprint in the top level /usr/local/xxx hierarchy.

I also wrote a new compiler tool (sisalc) to replace osc. I
found that the old logic was too convoluted. This does NOT
replace the full functionality, but then again, it doesn't have
300 options on it either.

Big change is making the code more portably correct. It now
compiles under gcc -ansi -Wall mostly. Some functions are
not prototyped yet.

Next up: Full prototypes (little) checking out the old FLI (medium)
and a new Frontend for simpler extension and a new FLI (with clean
C, C++, F77, and Python! support).


2000-12-31 17:52:18 Tree
[32eb06] by Patrick Miller Patrick Miller

Initial revision

2000-12-31 17:52:18 Tree

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