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SIP 0.4.0 (final) released

This new major version works for Scilab 5.1, and brings new functions such as a new fast Euclidean distance map algorithm, phase unwrapping, and more. Many other bugfixes and minor improvements were added, and recent versions of ImageMagick are now supported.

Currently only a source code release is available, which readily
installs under Linux. An experimental windows version is available
only for Scilab 4 at this point. If you wish to contribute with a
windows port, you will be greatly praised by the community. SIP has
over 60 downloads/day and about 2000 page views/day! The demand for a
windows port is huge.

We are in the process of migrating help files to the new DocBook
format for Scilab 5. The SIP 0.4.0 release contains DocBook help pages
for most of the core functions, but we still have about 40 more
function documentations to convert.

Please report any problems to our bug tracker:

SIP provides image processing, pattern recognition, and computer
vision routines for SciLab, a Matlab-like matrix-oriented programming
environment. SIP is able to read/write images in almost 90 major
formats, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, FITS, and TIFF. It includes
routines for filtering, segmentation, edge detection, morphology,
curvature, fractal dimension, distance transforms, multiscale
skeletons, and more.


Posted by Ricardo Fabbri 2009-04-11

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