SIPp 3.1 released!

Its pleasure to announce the availability of SIPP version 3.1!
Contributors have enriched SIPp with new features, another step towards making a more complete SIP benchmark tool.

A lot of new enhancements and bug fixes have been added since 3.0.
Major changes include-

-Complete rework of the call structure, making the architecture more extensible and enable handling of out-of-call messages.
-Introduction of dead call class, to differentiate a dead call from "out-of-call" messages.

-Enhanced scenario capabilities with new actions and attributes.
-Introduction of out-of-call scenarios.
-Introduction of action 'jump' to go to new XML element.
-Introduction of element nop, to not drop the first message.
-Introduction of start_txn attribute, to enable starting of transaction by a UAC.

-Enhanced logging and display.
-Log files can now be treated as Ring Buffer
-Option to choose scenario to display on screen.
-Statistics more tied to scenarios.

and a lot of new features (see complete release notes)

We, thank the people contributing to this release, especially Charles P. Wright from IBM, and also:
Andreas Bergmann
Anuj Kumar Srivastava

in addition to people contributing to previous releases:
Klaus Darilion
Scott Oaks from SUN
Pandurangan R S
Artem Naluzhnyy
Kristoffer Gronowski from Ericsson
Anatoly Pidruchny
Marc Van Diest from Belgacom
Hemanth Balaji
Peter Higginson
Philippe Lecluse from Intel
Gareth Armstrong
Martin H. Van Leeuwen
Michael Hirschbichler from T.U Wien
Alexandre Ajjan from Atos Origin
Frederique Aurouet
Lee Ballard from General Bandwidth
Joseph Bannino from Atos Origin
Wolfgang Beck
Venu Bellary
Sapan Bhatia
Michel de Boer from Alcatel-Lucent
Clement Chen
Ly Cong-Dung
Alexandr Dubovikov
Stefan Esser
Bruno Guerin from Atos Origin
Enrico Hartung from iptel
Peter Higginson from Newport Networks
Dmitriy Kargapolov
Nasir Khan.
Heikki Lindholm
Gerard Lyonnaz from HP
Mike Machado from Liveops
Lord Magnos
David Mansutti from HP
Kris Marsh
Scott McGlashan
Marco Miller
Shriram Natarajan from Personasoft
Amit On from Followap
Herve Pellan from HP
Lars Roland
Russel Roy
Martin Shaw
Guillaume Teissier from France Telecom R&D
Vlad Troyanker


Posted by Anuj 2008-04-21

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