SIPp 1.1rc3 available

Here is a new release of SIPp with many additions/bug fixes compared to 1.1rc2. Enjoy :)

- Changes between RC2 and RC3:
* Fixed a type in default regexp scenario
* Added new keywords local_ip_type and media_ip_type so that scenarios can be independent from IPv4/IPv6.
* Changed default scenario with o= local_ip instead of
* Better SSL/TLS error handling with error messages.
* Fixed IPv6 support for media (RTP) ip address.
* Added a warning when buffer size for call variables is not enough.
* Fixed case when SIP entities add Contact without '<', '>' -- this causes SIPp to add bad routes (without '<', '>') - provided by Shriram Natarajan.
* Fix for bug 1279393 (comp.c on *BSD) - provided by Hendrik Scholz.
* New -max_retrans command line parameter to max out UDP retransmissions. This allows to use SIPp to monitor SIP application/servers and detect issues early.
* New [next_url] keyword for a better support of Record-Route - Provided by Shriram Natarajan.
* Support of Certificate Revocation List for TLS transport - needs OpenSSL>=0.9.7. Provided by Venu Bellary.
* Changed Makefile to use ncurses instead of curses - needed by newer Linux OS.
* Fix a crash-on-exit when not using -trace_rtt - provided by Shriram Natarajan.
* Fixed 'addr not supported' being sent as the host when not in IP6 mode - provided by Shriram Natarajan.
* Removed unnecessary getmilliseconds when SIP tracing was not enabled - provided by Bruno Guerin.
* Added 3 command line arguments to fine tune SIPp performances (timer_resol, max_recv_loops, up_nb) - provided by Bruno Guerin.
* Added a check to have at least one mandatory message in a recv sequence.
* Added a check when too many call variables.
* Added binding to one local IP/port which allows using of systems with several IP interfaces - provided by Lord Magnos
* Modified error messages for rsa socket errors
* Added random variable pauses
* bShouldAuthenticate init only when OpenSSL is used - provided by JPeG.
* Fix retransmission of INVITE vs non-INVITE messages per RFC3261 - provided by Venkatesh.
* Do not stop retransmission until a final response is received for non INVITE transactions - provided by Venkatesh.
* Fix stopping retransmission where every response where taken for the request just sent out - provided by Venkatesh.
* Fixed online help to indicate pid instead of ppid - reported by Takahiro Yamashita.
* Catch peer_tag parameter everytime - provided by Nasir Khan.
* Fix init of bShouldAuthenticate boolean which lead to unpredictable behavior during authentication.
* Add display of unexpected messages during pause and display of calls in a pause state - Provided by Peter Higginson.
* Fix bug in stat file name handling and aligned naming rule with other log files.
* Added missing line for TCP congestion fix.
* Fix for outgoing TCP congestion under stress - Provided by Alexandre Ajjan and David Mansutti.
* Fix for max_socket 'cannot get UDP socket' error - Provided by Alexandre Ajjan.
* Fixed handling of a port number different from 5060 on IPv6. Provided by Alexandre Ajjan.
* Fixed using more than 1024 sockets for multi-socket mode. Provided by Alexandre Ajjan.

Posted by Olivier Jacques 2005-09-19

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