Thank you for your input. I will try the evaluation version of OPERA and see how it goes. 


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SIPP does not calculate MOS.

AFAK, there were no any open source tool to calculate that.

There are following commercial tools, Which used to measure Media QoS.
1) Opticom - OPERA
2) Textronics- Spectra
4) GLcom.

Out of above if u only interested in MOS/PESQ then OPERA is best in terms on Cost factor. uses two (referance andrecorded)pcm/.wav file as input gives you MOS and PESQ as out. Tool easy to intregrate with your Automation Frame work.

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Subject: [Sipp-users] Does sipp calculate mean opinion score (MOS)/ Audio       quality


I have been using sipp for many years now, I basically use it for signaling purpose more than anything. I do know there is option of sending media packets as well but there is no way to check the quality of the audio if it is up to the mark or not. Is there anyway sipp calculates MOS (0-5 range), R-factor? 

Anyone’s help will be greatly appreciated. 

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Sushma Kattinti