This is a bug. You should not have to.
I will try to check what's wrong.

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Sent: mardi 10 mai 2005 16:31
To: Pinal Jean-Pierre;
Subject: RE: [Sipp-users] Error when starting SIPP under windows

I had to install cygwin....
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From: []On Behalf Of Pinal Jean-Pierre
Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2005 2:53 AM
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Subject: [Sipp-users] Error when starting SIPP under windows

I download and install the windows package.
When I launch SIPP-P  (  .\sipp -sn uas ), I have the following message:
Warning: open file limit > FD_SETSIZE; limiting max. # of open files to FD_SETSIZE = 64
Error opening terminal: cygwin.
I does not found how to fix this.
Could someone help me?