Forgot to mention that I got the below mentioned error in 3pcc-C-B controller window (i.e on PC2 –


It would be helpful if we document about execution of 3pcc in details, document has decent details about the 3pcc scenarios but it does not talk about the setup. I can contribute this (small write-up on 3pcc execution) if I am able to resolve my issue.


Oliver: I have some XML scripts to contribute to this mailing list (Like registration without auth , with auth .. etc). Please tell where I need to upload these scripts.



MSR Prasad


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Subject: Help regarding 3pcc setup




  I am trying to run 3pcc (inbuilt) scenario. I got following error while executing the same


“ No Valid Call-ID: header in replay “Call-ID: 1-15216@   .

Content-Type: application/sdp

Content-Length:  134


o=user1 53655765 2353687637 IN IP4


t=0 0

c=IN IP4

m=audio 10000 RTP/AVP 0

a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000



My setup as follows:


PC1: IP add –  - Running 3pcc-A and 3pcc-C-A controller

PC2: IP add –  - Running 3pcc-B and 3pcc-C-B controller



On PC2 ( , I am running 3pcc-B and 3pcc-C-B using following command


Run 3pcc-B (Clinet) :

Sipp –sn 3pcc-B –p 5062 –m 1 –trace_msg


Run 3pcc-C-B (B side controller)

Sipp –sn 3pcc-C-B –p 5064 -3pcc –m 1 –trace_msg –trace_err



On PC1 ( , I am running 3pcc-A and 3pcc-C-A using following command


Run 3pcc-A (Clinet) :

Sipp –sn 3pcc-A –p 5062 –m 1 –trace_msg


Run 3pcc-C-A (A side controller)

Sipp –sn 3pcc-C-A –p 5064 -3pcc –m 1 –trace_msg –trace_err




Please let me know if there is anything wrong in my setup. Also is it possible to run 3pcc on same machine (I mean running Clinet A & B , Controller A & B on same machine with different ports, I tried this getting TCP connection error).



MSR prasad