#27 New command line switch - more Call-IDs in scenario

Mitko Mitev

we are using the sipp to test advanced SIP features like 3PCC scenarios. We found for some scenarios limitation is the sipp with the concept "one Call-Id per one sipp scenario". If we have for example outgoing call which is ended and then we wait for new call from server with different id the sipp complains with following message "Discarding message which can't be mapped to a known SIPp call" and the incoming message is discarded. In fact the same happens also if we put together in one script outgoing REGISTER and incoming INVITE.

Our proposal is to define a new command line switch with following features

- the switch will be valid just together with parameter -m 1

- the scenario will in this case continue further even if the received message has different Call-ID. No discarding or attempt to start the new run of script

- with this switch just 1 call will be active.


  • Mitko Mitev

    Mitko Mitev - 2009-03-26

    I have implemnted thsi feature. I would like to release them or to send the changes to responsible person.


    • pardeep sheokand

      hi Mitko

      We are getting the same problem.i.e messages are discarded that are with different Call ID.
      Can u please provide the Patch to me.


  • Mitko Mitev

    Mitko Mitev - 2009-04-03


    I added my patch for the feature. I created new command line paramater -no_call_id_check. The parameter is valid only if number of parallel calls is set to 1.

    Please check change and let me now if the feature can be done this way.


  • Mitko Mitev

    Mitko Mitev - 2009-11-08

    is there any decision concerning this fetature? I can offer even an exaple of implementation.

    Regards Mitko

  • odolu

    odolu - 2010-03-08

    Im using windows version of sipp, How can i apply this patch file?


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