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pidgin-sipe release 1.22.1

version 1.22.1 "Bug Fixes I" (2017-06-11)

  • Fixed [#320]: Multiple client detection broken (Stefan Becker)
  • speed up Lync Autodiscover by using AccessLocation (Andrey Vaynberger)
  • adium: update build instructions for Xcode 7.x or newer (Stefan Becker)
    • the build environment used for releases 1.22.0 or older (Xcode 6.x on OS X 10.11) is no longer available to the project
    • releases starting with 1.22.1 will use Xcode 8.x on macOS 10.12
    • build target continues to be OS X 10.9
  • purple: avoid rare SSL read deadlock (Stefan Becker)
  • various minor fixes (Michael Olbrich)
  • crypto: make code compile with OpenSSL 1.1.0 (Stefan Becker)
  • drop references to Reuters Messaging (Stefan Becker)
  • updated translations: Lithuanian (lt), Russian (ru), Swedish (sv), Turkish (tr)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2017-06-11

pidgin-sipe release 1.22.0

version 1.22.0 "Application Sharing, Lync Autodiscover & Logging" (2017-02-01)

  • Feature [#93]: Support for Lync Autodiscover (Stefan Becker)
  • Feature [#6]: Application Sharing Viewer (Jakub Adam)
    • requires libpurple >= 2.12.0
    • needs an external RDP client - remmina and xfreerdp are supported
  • Fixed [#315]: Crash when contact list is empty (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#314]: sipe login problems with long pw (Stefan Becker)
  • separate logging and debugging output (Stefan Becker)
    • logging is always shown, e.g. in the Pidgin debug window
    • full message debugging now requires PURPLE_UNSAFE_DEBUG=1
  • new translations: Greek (el), Lithuanian (lt)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2017-02-01

pidgin-sipe release 1.21.1

version 1.21.1 "Bug Fixes I" (2016-05-28)

  • various bug fixes in media support (Jakub Adam)
  • configure no longer ignores CFLAGS/LDFLAGS/LIBS (Stefan Becker)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2016-05-28

pidgin-sipe release 1.21.0

version 1.21.0 "Lync File Transfer" (2016-04-23)

  • Feature [#91]: Support embedded XML as buddy photo URL (Stefan Becker)
  • Feature [#90]: Add AppStream metadata file (Jiri Eischmann, Stefan Becker)
  • Feature [#89]: Improve "Join scheduled conference" dialog (Stefan Becker)
  • Feature [#87]: Support multiple HTTP cookies (Stefan Becker)
  • Feature [#85]: XML raw extract should ignore name space (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#311]: Crash when SIP transport becomes invalid (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#293]: Mandatory wsa:MessageID node missing (Stefan Becker)
  • add support for Lync File Transfer protocol (Jakub Adam)
    • requires libpurple >= 2.12.0
    • Lync FT will be used for sending files when Lync 2013 is detected
  • add build options to "About SIPE plugin" message (Stefan Becker)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2016-04-23

pidgin-sipe release 1.20.1

version 1.20.1 "Bug Fixes I" (2015-10-24)

  • add support for another type of ADFS response (Stefan Becker)
  • improve configure check for back-ported features (Stefan Becker, Jakub Adam)
  • updated translations: French (fr), Russian (ru)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2015-10-24

pidgin-sipe release 1.20.0

version 1.20.0 "SRTP, Conference URL & TLS-DSK Improvements" (2015-08-29)

  • Feature [#82]: Parse HTML from Lync conference URL (Stefan Becker)
  • Feature [#69]: SRTP Support (Jakub Adam)
    • requires libpurple >= 3.0.0
  • Fixed [#285]: Office365 rejects RC4 in TLS-DSK (Stefan Becker)
    • added support for AES-128/256-CBC
Posted by Stefan Becker 2015-08-29

pidgin-sipe release 1.19.1

version 1.19.1 "Bug Fixes I" (2015-04-04)

  • Fixed [#278]: 488 error after libnice upgrade (Jakub Adam)
  • fix SIP re-authentication timeout to be max. 8 hours (Stefan Becker)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2015-04-04

pidgin-sipe release 1.19.0

version 1.19.0 "Auto Authentication, MFA & Search Improvements" (2015-02-07)

  • Feature [#80]: Move parsing of login name (Stefan Becker)
  • Feature [#79]: support for Adium group chat bookmarks (David Matz, Stefan Becker)
  • Feature [#78]: Support searching for SIP ID (Stefan Becker)
  • Feature [#76]: ADFS can't always be used (Stefan Becker)
    • for accounts that have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled
  • Feature [#73]: Support buddy photos from contactCard (Stefan Becker)
  • Feature [#65]: Fall back from Kerberos to NTLM (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#277]: Raised contact names (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#240]: Corrupted HTTP response crashes SIPE (Stefan Becker)
  • fix calendar state machine when EWS URL is set (Stefan Becker)
  • fall back to [MS-DLX] BasicSearch to improve search experience (Stefan Becker, various)
  • implement search functionality for UCS (Stefan Becker)
  • adium: add chat room list UI (David Matz)
  • adium: fix duplicate debug log messages (Stefan Becker)
  • support for libnice TCP mode (Youness Alaoul, Jakub Adam)
  • refactor CCCP request code (Jakub Adam)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2015-02-07

pidgin-sipe release 1.18.5

version 1.18.5 "Bug Fixes V" (2014-12-29)

  • Fixed [#276]: Redundant "const" breaks build with clang (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#269]: purple idle-away converted to Away (Stefan Becker)
  • svc: use authuser for RealmInfo request (Stefan Becker)
  • adium: add release checking script (Stefan Becker)
  • mingw: update fetch script to Pidgin 2.10.11 (Stefan Becker)
  • updated translations: Italian (it), Swedish (sv)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2014-12-29

pidgin-sipe release 1.18.4

version 1.18.4 "Bug Fixes IV" (2014-10-18)

  • Fixed [#263]: ADFS fails when user and login name differ (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#262]: Adium: SIPE doesn't auto- or re-connect (Stefan Becker)
  • fixed memory leaks (Stefan Becker)
  • fixed processing of presence publish event response (John Zhang, Stefan Becker)
    • fixes a longstanding issue that the Pidgin user status sometimes didn't switch back to "Available" after the end of a meeting
Posted by Stefan Becker 2014-10-18

pidgin-sipe release 1.18.3

version 1.18.3 "Bug Fixes III" (2014-08-16)

  • Fixed [#259]: HTML response to EWS autodiscover triggers libxml2 assert (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#258]: V&V call gets rejected when IPv6 is enabled (Stefan Becker, Jakub Adam)
  • Fixed [#257]: Windows 7: SIPE crashes after a minute (Stefan Becker)
  • mingw: improve crash information reporting (Stefan Becker)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2014-08-16

pidgin-sipe release 1.18.2

version 1.18.2 "Bug Fixes II" (2014-06-07)

  • Fixed [#255]: Crash when PersistentChat sends BYE instead of response (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#248]: Remove libpurple SSL configure check (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#245]: "Unable to resolve DNS SRV record" error when joining conference (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#241]: Adium filters ":" from "sip:" (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#210]: Conference call ends with error message (for real this time, Jakub Adam)
  • ews: extract settings also from type EXPR (Stefan Becker)
  • ucs: honor user specified email URL (Stefan Becker)
  • adium: fix compilation on OS X 10.7 (Stefan Becker)
  • updated Transifex URLs (Stefan Becker)
  • updated translations: Hindi (hi), Telugu (te)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2014-06-07

pidgin-sipe release 1.18.1

version 1.18.1 "Bug Fixes I" (2014-04-12)

  • Fixed [#238]: False "not delivered" in conference (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#237]: HTML escaping not removed from URL (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#210]: Conference call ends with error message (Jakub Adam)
  • fix endless loop with failed HTTP Basic authentication (Stefan Becker)
  • fix crash when gstreamer nice plugin is missing (Stefan Becker, Jakub Adam)
  • fix EWS autodiscover for some Office 365 users (Stefan Becker)
  • purple: fix missing "Copy to" in buddy menu (Stefan Becker)
  • purple/adium: ignore empty search values (Stefan Becker)
  • adium: fix group chat UI (Stefan Becker)
  • adium: implement BEAST mitigations for 10.8.5 (Michael Lamb)
  • add indication when user is connected from a mobile device (Harris Kauffman)
  • updated translations: Chinese (zh_CN), Portuguese (pt)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2014-04-12

pidgin-sipe release 1.18.0

version 1.18.0 "Adium, GSS-NTLMSSP & OpenSSL" (2014-01-11)

  • Feature [#71]: Add support for EWS Autodiscover redirection (Stefan Becker)
  • Feature [#69]: Add UI support for (group) chats (Michael Lamb)
    • NOTE: Adium does not have an UI to fetch the room list
  • Feature [#64]: Add support for GSS-NTLMSSP (Stefan Becker)
    • sip-sec-krb5.c module has been renamed to sip-sec-gssapi.c
    • if gssapi/gssapi_ntlmssp.h is detected then sip-sec-ntlm.c will be disabled and NTLM will be handled by sip-sec-gssapi.c instead
    • NOTE: at the time of this writing the user has to set up GSS-NTLMSSP by hand on his system, i.e. /etc/gss/mech
  • Fixed [#227]: Adium client doesn't save email option settings (Harris P. Kauffman)
  • Fixed [#216]: SIPE stops working on Mavericks (Stefan Becker, Michael Lamb)
    • add an UI option to disable SSL BEAST mitigations
    • NOTE: requires Adium 1.5.10
  • Fixed [#197]: Account stays in connecting stage (Harris P. Kauffman)
  • cleanup for sip-sec Kerberos & SSPI modules (Stefan Becker)
    • replace old TGT hack with gss_acquire_cred_with_password()
    • clean up Kerberos detection in configure
    • remove special case handling; code is more straight-forward now
    • thanks to David Woodhouse and Simo Sorce for the GSSAPI information
  • implement internal keepalive handling (Stefan Becker)
  • implement crypto backend based on OpenSSL (Stefan Becker)
  • adium: Xcode project files update (Michael Lamb)
  • adium: replace NSS crypto backend with OpenSSL (Stefan Becker)
    • NOTE: please make sure to read the updated build instructions!
Posted by Stefan Becker 2014-01-11

pidgin-sipe release 1.17.3

version 1.17.3 "Bug Fixes III" (2013-12-11)

  • Fixed [#225]: HTTP re-authentication with NTLM fails (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#222]: SIPE crashes when groupchat session expires (Stefan Becker)
  • fix UCS Persona key extraction (Stefan Becker)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2013-12-11

pidgin-sipe release 1.17.2

version 1.17.2 "Bug Fixes II" (2013-11-30)

  • Fixed [#214]: Typing notification does not always work (Stefan Becker)
    • reverted one change which caused problems for some users
  • Fixed [#222]: SIPE crashes when groupchat session expires (Stefan Becker)
  • updated translations: Romanian (ro)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2013-11-30

pidgin-sipe release 1.17.1

version 1.17.1 "Bug Fixes I" (2013-11-16)

  • Fixed [#215]: Password not entity encoded in WSSE element (Stefan Becker
  • Fixed [#214]: Typing notification does not always work (Stefan Becker)
  • accept alternatives for webticket timestamp/keydata (Stefan Becker)
  • adium: add "don't publish calendar" to account UI (Stefan Becker)
  • contrib: add SSL BEAST mitigation patch for Adium (Stefan Becker)
  • updated translations: French (fr)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2013-11-16

pidgin-sipe release 1.17.0

version 1.17.0 "Lync 2013" (2013-09-21)

  • Feature [#62]: Support for Lync 2013 Unified Contact Store (Stefan Becker)
  • Feature [#59]: Support for Lync 2013 Persistent Chats (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#211]: Status "away" or "busy" incorrectly mapped to "Invisible" (Michael Lamb)
  • Fixed [#209]: group chat doesn't like HTML (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#200]: OCS archiving system blocks audio/video connection (Jakub Adam)
  • Fixed [#187]: Duplicate messages in group chat (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#184]: Duplicate users showing in Group Chat (Stefan Becker)
  • fix EWS autodiscover for Office 365 (Stefan Becker)
  • add support for group chat history (Stefan Becker)
  • add support for buddy photos on Lync 2013 (Stefan Becker)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2013-09-21

pidgin-sipe release 1.16.1

version 1.16.1 "Bug Fixes I" (2013-07-13)

  • Feature [#66]: Windows DLL version information (Stefan Becker)
  • fix call failure when host has multiple IP addresses (Jakub Adam)
  • fix buddy list handling after moving to Lync 2013 (Stefan Becker)
    • Lync 2013 migrates buddy list to Unified Contact Store (UCS)
    • NOTE: modifying the buddy list is NOT supported yet!
  • crash fixes for new HTTP stack (Stefan Becker)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2013-07-13

pidgin-sipe release 1.16.0

version 1.16.0 "HTTP Rewrite & Subscription Fixes" (2013-06-14)

  • Feature [#58]: Implement Digest authentication scheme for SIP Proxy Authentication (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#196]: Useragent value not forwarded to core (Michael Lamb)
  • Fixed [#193]: Pidgin Status changes stop working (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#186]: Users appear offline when they are not (Stefan Becker)
  • fix kinit-less use case with krb5 >= 1.11 (Stefan Becker)
  • rewritten HTTP stack from scratch (Stefan Becker)
    • cleaner, layered and hopefully less error-prone implementation
    • HTTP stack internals no longer exposed to user code
    • reduced network traffic and less SSL handshakes by utilizing HTTP/1.1
      connection keep alive for multiple HTTP requests to the same host
  • switch purple backend to deferred destruction approach (Stefan Becker)
    • Pidgin should no longer crash at connection close, even in corner cases
  • add menu entry to make a call with a phone number (Jakub Adam)
  • some progress on telepathy backend (Stefan Becker)
    • add TLS certificate accept/reject user interaction
    • add "Single Sign-On" & "Don't Publish Calendar" account options
Posted by Stefan Becker 2013-06-14

pidgin-sipe release 1.15.1 -- Bug Fixes I

version 1.15.1 "Bug Fixes I" (2013-04-07)

  • NOTE: SIPE SourceForge project got updated. Because of this all bug and feature request numbers have changed.
  • Fixed [#190]: SIP 407 response rejected with invalid message signature (Stefan Becker)
  • Fixed [#189]: Adium SIPE plugin vs. libpurple linking issues (Michal Lamb)
  • fixed free-after-use issue that caused crashes for some users (Stefan Becker)
  • fixed broken NTLM fallback in Negotiate (Stefan Becker)
  • fixed subscriptions expiration by subscribing again after re-authentication (Stefan Becker)
  • allow different user name and login for Office 365 authentication (Stefan Becker)
  • add SIPE version & git commit ID to debug log (Stefan Becker)
  • added valgrind log analyzer script (Stefan Becker)
  • added NTLM message anaylzer (Stefan Becker)
  • updated translations: Hungarion (hu), Romanian (ro)
  • updated Adium port (Michael Lamb, Harris P. Kauffman)
Posted by Stefan Becker 2013-04-07

pidgin-sipe release 1.15.0

version 1.15.0 "Authentication & Autodiscovery Update" (2013-03-09)
- Feature #3578135: Support Kerberos for HTTP(S) authentication w/o SSPI (Stefan Becker)
* effective for all platforms that support --with-krb5
* this triggered a series of cleanup & simplification changes and
functionality & memory leak fixes in the sip-sec modules
* special thanks to Jarek Polok for the logs and testing
- Feature #3594094: Add HTTPS to autodiscover probe (Stefan Becker)
- Feature #3607040: Simple button to disable calendar integration (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3603228: Crash on 1.14.1 when connecting to server (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3604671: sip uri with apostrophe is not valid (Stefan Becker)
- fixed HTTP redirect crash (Stefan Becker)
- unified Single Sign-On handling in all places (Stefan Becker)
* if SSO is enabled then "Login" & "Password" settings are ignored
* SSO is now off by default for new accounts
* NOTE: if you do *NOT* use SSO, then be sure to disable it in the
"Advanced" tab of the account settings after updating!
- added implementation for HTTP "WWW-Authenticate: Negotiate" scheme (Stefan Becker)
* effective for all platforms that support --with-krb5
* it will try Kerberos first, then fall back to NTLM
* valid Kerberos Single Sign-On setup will be detected automatically
* setup for a mixed Kerberos/NTLM HTTP environment:
- login name: DOMAIN\account
- password: domain password
- authentication: Kerberos
- Single Sign-On: OFF(!) (see above)
- enabled TLS-DSK support in Windows SSPI version
- TLS-DSK: don't ask for password if SSPI or Kerberos are compiled in
- Farstream 0.1.1 compatibility fix (Jakub Adam)
- support conf:sip: meeting URIs (Jakub Adam)
- updated Adium port (Michael Lamb)

Posted by Stefan Becker 2013-03-09

pidgin-sipe release 1.14.1 -- Bug Fixes I

version 1.14.1 "Bug Fixes I" (2012-12-26)
- Feature #3578132: Kerberos configuration should be passwordless (Stefan Becker)
* purple: non Single Sign-on users are asked for the password again
- bug & memory leak fixes in sipe-buddy.c (Jakub Adam)

Posted by Stefan Becker 2012-12-26

pidgin-sipe release 1.14.0

version 1.14.0 "Buddy photo & ADFS support, Web Ticket Optimizations" (2012-12-16)
- Feature #3585364: Add support for Web Ticket authentication using ADFS (Stefan Becker)
* special thanks to user bhakta79 for the hard work taking logs
- Feature #3578132: Kerberos configuration should be passwordless (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3580212: Connection drops after a few hours (Stefan Becker)
- add support for buddy photos (Jakub Adam)
- add support for call to Audio Test Service (Jakub Adam)
- initial implementation for telepathy backend (Stefan Becker)
* nothing much to see for end users yet...
- reduce Web Ticket traffic by queueing requests & caching tickets (Stefan Becker)
- update OBS packaging information for Debian (Stefan Becker)
- various minor bug & build fixes

Posted by Stefan Becker 2012-12-16

pidgin-sipe release 1.13.3 -- Bug Fixes III

version 1.13.3 "Bug Fixes III" (2012-08-19)
- Fixed #3537084: OpenBSD build issue (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3543294: Support Lync 2010 meet URLs (Jakub Adam)
- revert to legacy MSOC protocol on Lync FT invitation (Jakub Adam)
- fix broken busy->available status switch (Stefan Becker)
- updated translations: Portuguese (pt)

Posted by Stefan Becker 2012-08-19

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