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pidgin-sipe release 1.14.1 -- Bug Fixes I

version 1.14.1 "Bug Fixes I" (2012-12-26)
- Feature #3578132: Kerberos configuration should be passwordless (Stefan Becker)
* purple: non Single Sign-on users are asked for the password again
- bug & memory leak fixes in sipe-buddy.c (Jakub Adam)

Posted by Stefan Becker 2012-12-26

pidgin-sipe release 1.14.0

version 1.14.0 "Buddy photo & ADFS support, Web Ticket Optimizations" (2012-12-16)
- Feature #3585364: Add support for Web Ticket authentication using ADFS (Stefan Becker)
* special thanks to user bhakta79 for the hard work taking logs
- Feature #3578132: Kerberos configuration should be passwordless (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3580212: Connection drops after a few hours (Stefan Becker)
- add support for buddy photos (Jakub Adam)
- add support for call to Audio Test Service (Jakub Adam)
- initial implementation for telepathy backend (Stefan Becker)
* nothing much to see for end users yet...
- reduce Web Ticket traffic by queueing requests & caching tickets (Stefan Becker)
- update OBS packaging information for Debian (Stefan Becker)
- various minor bug & build fixes

Posted by Stefan Becker 2012-12-16

pidgin-sipe release 1.13.3 -- Bug Fixes III

version 1.13.3 "Bug Fixes III" (2012-08-19)
- Fixed #3537084: OpenBSD build issue (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3543294: Support Lync 2010 meet URLs (Jakub Adam)
- revert to legacy MSOC protocol on Lync FT invitation (Jakub Adam)
- fix broken busy->available status switch (Stefan Becker)
- updated translations: Portuguese (pt)

Posted by Stefan Becker 2012-08-19

pidgin-sipe release 1.13.2 -- Bug Fixes II

version 1.13.2 "Bug Fixes II" (2012-06-10)
- tls: fix buffer overrun (Oleksandr Hryshchuk, Stefan Becker)
- win32: fix TCP connections (Stefan Becker)
- nsis: fix broken locale installation (Stefan Becker)
- updated translations: French (fr)
- various build fixes (Stefan Becker, Jakub Adam)

Posted by Stefan Becker 2012-06-10

pidgin-sipe release 1.13.1 -- Bug Fixes I

version 1.13.1 "Bug Fixes I" (2012-04-09)
- detect incompatible encryption level with Lync (Jakub Adam)
- purple: add URI validity check to Add Buddy callback (Stefan Becker)
- new translations: Romanian (ro), Turkish (tr)
- various build fixes (Stefan Becker)

Posted by Stefan Becker 2012-04-09

pidgin-sipe release 1.13.0 -- Lync & Office36

version 1.13.0 "Lync & Office365" (2012-03-14)
- added [MS-SIPAE] TLS-DSK authentication scheme (Stefan Becker)
* TLS-DSK has been introduced in Lync
* mandatory for Office365 accounts
* also works for non-public Lync installations
* does not work yet with SSPI on Windows
- added [MS-DLX] based Get Info/Contact Search (Stefan Becker)
* [MS-PRES] SIP-Based Active Directory Search is disabled in Lync
- added experimental media TCP transport (Jakub Adam)
- make it compile against the latest purple 3.0.x API (Stefan Becker)
- make it compile against the latest glib2 2.31.x API (Stefan Becker)
- completed cleanup: core no longer requires libpurple (Stefan Becker)
- refactored crypto code, ie. NSS can replaced if necessary (Stefan Becker)
- sipe-domino.c is no longer built under UNIX to remove dead code (Stefan Becker)
- restricted XXX_CFLAGS to modules that need them (Stefan Becker)
- NSS is now a mandatory build requirement (Stefan Becker)
- decoupled SSPI from HAVE_LIBKRB5 flag. New flag is HAVE_SSPI (Stefan Becker)
- OBS mingw packages now use SSPI instead of NTLM (Stefan Becker)
- added NSIS package generation to OBS mingw packages (Stefan Becker)
- removed kopete backend. KDE is moving to telepathy (Stefan Becker)
- added MinGW cross-compilation on Linux instructions (Stefan Becker)

Posted by Stefan Becker 2012-03-14

Pidgin-SIPE 1.12.0 release

version 1.12.0 "Group Chat" (2011-08-29)
- Feature #3064877: Add support for OCS2007R2 Group Chat (Stefan Becker)
- Feature #3311026: Support for HTTP/1.1 Transfer-Encoding: chunked (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #2834758: First NTLM signature check after startup fails (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3082602: Crash on Autodiscover (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3090663: Re-authentication fails (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3092324: Core dump in "make check" (psfales)
- Fixed #3130915: Failed to authenticate to server (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3148124: sipe segfaults during login on Solaris (Jakub Adam)
- Fixed #3150482: "configure --with-vv" test uses wrong include (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3156430: Messages not Delivered (rwinchsf, Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3161273: Lost Connection Gives No Error Message (rwinchsf, Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3198585: Extra line breaks (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3267073: False "could not be delivered" errors (sort of..., Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3399007: Crash when sipe_cal_working_hours->days_of_week is NULL (Stefan Becker)
- Patch #3091490: Make 1.11.0 Compile on FreeBSD (jprather)
- Patch #3108246: Patch for better windows installer (archrival, galiven)
- add random Ms-Conversation-ID to INVITE (Jakub Adam)
- fix parsing of P-Asserted-Identity header (Jakub Adam)
- added MS TURN support (Jakub Adam)
- fix crash on zero length password in NTLM (Vladimir Ushakov)
- implement timeouts for SIP request. Used for REGISTER (Stefan Becker)
- more work on Voice & Video call support (Jakub Adam)
- make it compile against the purple 2.8.x & 3.0.x APIs (Stefan Becker)
- more internal changes to prepare for non-purple backends (Stefan Becker)
- added integration for update (Stefan Becker)
- configure improvements for 64-bit: use libdir, gsize/size_t compatibility (Stefan Becker)
- update compiler warnings configuration for all build platforms (Stefan Becker)
- updated Adium port (Matthew Duggan)
- mingw build updates (Harris P. Kauffman, Stefan Becker)
- added miranda port (Jochen De Smet)
- added mingw to OpenSUSE Build Service configuration (Stefan Becker)

Posted by FixXxeR 2011-08-29

Pidgin-SIPE 1.11.2 release

version 1.11.2 "Hot fixes II" (2010-11-02)
- Revert "mingw: add missing purple-notify.c to build" (Anibal Avelar)
- Sipe-sign: fix parsing of P-Asserted-Identity header (Jakub Adam)
- Fixed memory leaks (Stefan Becker)
- Fix #3090663: Re-authentication fails (Stefan Becker)
- Fix #3090663: Re-authentication fails (2nd attempt) (Stefan Becker)
- Fix #3090663: Re-authentication fails (3rd attempt) (Stefan Becker)
- Fix #3090663: Re-authentication fails (4th attempt) (Stefan Becker)
- Apply patch #3091490: Make 1.11.0 Compile on FreeBSD (jprather)
- Fix #3092324: Core dump in "make check" (Stefan Becker)

Posted by FixXxeR 2010-11-03

Pidgin-SIPE 1.11.1 release

version 1.11.1 "Hot fixes" (2010-10-24)
- mingw: add missing purple-notify.c to build (Stefan Becker)
- Fix for bug #2834758: First NTLM signature check after startup fails
- purple: fix memory leak in sipe_backend_transport_connect() error path
- Fix for bug #3082602: Crash on Autodiscover (Stefan Becker)
- configure: use libdir & datadir instead of prefix + path (Stefan Becker)
- configure: update 32-bit vs. 64-bit header conflict test (Stefan Becker)
- debian: build stability fix in post-install (Stefan Becker)

Posted by FixXxeR 2010-10-25

Pidgin-SIPE 1.11.0 release

version 1.11.0 "Lotus Domino/Calendar & Voice Call" (2010-10-04)
- Feature #2859239: Voice call support (Jakub Adam)
* requires updated versions of libnice, farsight & pidgin
* only unencrypted calls as SRTP support is missing in farsight
- Feature #2945346: Lotus Notes/Domino Calendar integration (pier11):
* Sipe can now retrieve calendar data (Meeting schedule/subject/
location) from a web-enabled Lotus Domino server and publish it to
OCS2007/LCS2005 as availability information.
* Example: "Calendar: Currently Busy. Free at 11:30".
* Team members (contacts with access level Team) will be able to see
information about our current meeting (subject & location) (OCS2007).
* First calendar update is scheduled 1 minute after connect,
* Subsequent calendar updates happen in 30 minute intervals.
* Manual calendar update can be triggered using the following menu:
Accounts->{SIPE_ACCOUNT}->"Republish Calendar"
* Though Domino integration can work without any additional settings
in account configuration (on Windows), there are options to manually
provide Domino Services URL and email address/password if it's
different from SIP URI/Password settings on Basic tab.
- Fixed #2971422: idle check for OCS2005 presence case (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #2982424: krb5 build errors on FreeBSD (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #2997639: pidgin crash after accepting cert (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3001523: Cancelling a long pending file transfer crashes Pidgin (Jakub Adam)
- Fixed #3002993: Group Name issues with ampersand (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3029228: Calendar published at/with incorrect time (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #3029929: Crash with outlook 2k3 Calendar (Stefan Becker)
- Fix logout from OCS (Jakub Adam)
- Implement workaround for buddy list menu memory leaks (Stefan Becker)
- Dropped UDP transport support (Stefan Becker)
- Rewrote TCP & TLS transport support (Stefan Becker)
- HTTP improvements: GET, cookies (pier11)
- Alternative crypt/digest implementation based on NSS (pier11)
- Rewrote message debug log and implemented an analyzer script for it (Stefan Becker)
- More internal changes to prepare for non-purple backends (Stefan Becker)
- New translation: Dutch (Flemish) 'nl' (fieona, ridiekel)
- New translation: Swedish 'sv' (Rijad)
- Added translations 'ar' 'hu' 'ja' 'ko' 'sv' 'zh_TW' submitted by Novell
- New build option: nss/mozilla-nss/microb-engine-nss for non-purple backends
- Add build option for kopete backend (Stefan Becker)
- mingw build using standard approach, i.e. with auto* tools. (pier11)
- Updated Adium port (Emanuele Zattin)

Posted by FixXxeR 2010-10-04

Pidgin-SIPE 1.10.1 release

version 1.10.1 "Bugfix release" (2010-06-27)
- Fix broken sipe_ht_equals_nick(); the broken code has been in the 1.10.0 release. As it affects the buddy list it could be the root cause for some of the "buddy appears offline" reports. (Stefan Becker)
- Make it compile against the final purple 2.7.0 API; (Stefan Becker)

Posted by FixXxeR 2010-06-28

Novell contribution to SIPE

Novell has made a translation contribution to SIPE project in a course of preparing SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) group of products.
Several language translations have been reviewed and many more added.

SIPE shares the same goal with Novell - to bring open source interoperable solutions to enterprise arena - and thus very pleased of cooperation.

SIPE project thanks Novell for valuable contribution.

Posted by pier eleven 2010-05-26

Pidgin-SIPE 1.10.0 release

version 1.10.0 "Access Levels" (2010-04-04)
- Feature #2823160: Access Levels (2007+ environment). The functionality is available through contact's context menu "Access level" and also presented on contact's tooltip. Current individual access level is marked with star (*), current group access level is marked with equals sign (=). (pier11)
- Feature #2957811: add support for "automaton" class (Stefan Becker)
- Feature #2972823: fail on in-line variable declarations (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed #2971422: handle OCS 2005 idiosyncrasy of varying SIP URI case (pier11)
- Fixed publication/"409 Conflict" endless looping (Stefan Becker, pier11)
- Prepare for Pidgin 2.7.0 (Stefan Becker, pier11)
- Windows build updated to gtk+2.14, gettext 0.17, libxml2 2.7.4, gcc 4.4 (pier11)
- Added SVG icon artwork (Jakub 'jimmac' Steiner)
- Many changes to configure script. Be sure to look at "configure --help"! (Stefan Becker)
- Many internal changes to prepare for non-purple backends (Stefan Becker)
- New build requirements: libxml2, glib-2.0 >= 2.12.0
- New build option: gmime-2.4 >= 2.4.16 or gmime-2.6 >= 2.5.2 for non-purple backends... read more

Posted by FixXxeR 2010-04-04

50,000 Downloads of SIPE

SIPE has achieved 50,000 downloads both according Sourceforge's Files section statistics and Develop->Statistics(All Time)/Downloads(Sum).
For that Pidgin's plugin page was updated to reflect it.
In fact we are most downloadable Pidgin-related project on the Sourceforge apart from Pidgin. And we have even better customer satisfaction rating 98% than Pidgin itself :)
Congratulations to all of us!

Posted by pier eleven 2010-03-27

Pidgin-SIPE 1.9.1 emergency release

version 1.9.1 "Hot fixes" (2010-03-16)
- Fixed #2969327: Kerberos authentication always fails on *nix platforms (pier11)
- Fixed #2968287: Authentication failure in scenario when director server is Office Communications Server 2007 or above and home server is Live Communications Server 2005 (pier11)
- Send BYE when response to IM message is 408/480/481 (Stefan Becker)
- Re-enable offline status to be user settable (Stefan Becker)

Posted by FixXxeR 2010-03-16

Pidgin-SIPE 1.9.0 release

version 1.9.0 "File transfer & NTLMv2" (2010-03-10)
***** Important Security Update for *nix users *****
- Contributed File transfer functionality. File encryption is supported. (Jakub Adam, Tomáš Hrabčík)
- NTLMv2 and NTLMv2 Session Security support (pier11)
- Implemented SIP Authentication Extensions protocol version 4 and 3 (pier11)
- Adoption for commercial UNIX - HP/UX, Irix, Solaris - big endian fixes and build improvements (Peter Fales, Stefan Becker)
- Packaged for Maemo platform (Nokia N900, etc.) at Works with Pidgin from the same site. (Stefan Becker)
- Adoption of file transfer for Windows build (pier11)
- Official Debian package files in contrib (Anibal Avelar)
- another shot at presence update problems (Stefan Becker)
- fix crash caused by uninitialized security contexts (Stefan Becker)
- Code analysis with Coverity Prevent. (Stefan Becker)
- Updated translations: 'ru' (100%, pier11), 'de' (100%, Stefan Becker)
- 'es' & 'pt_BR' (100%, Anibal Avelar)
- Fix for "SIP/2.0 481 Call leg unavailable" error (Anibal Avelar)
- Increased libpurple build requisite to >= 2.4.0

Posted by FixXxeR 2010-03-10

Office Communicator account on Nokia N900

Now your Nokia N900 (or other Maemo device) can serve as a mobile Office Communicator client.
SIPE had been packaged for and can run with Pidgin from the same site (thanks Stefan for his efforts).
The port is fully functional and works on the same environments where desktop version does: 2007 R2, 2007, 2005.

Package page on

Posted by pier eleven 2010-03-09

Pidgin-SIPE 1.8.1 release

version 1.8.1
- many crash fixes for error or corner cases in calendar integration
- more detailed code analysis with Coverity Prevent
- OpenSUSE Build Service configuration files
- Fix NTLM crash if login setting is undefined
- Use of g_str_has_prefix() available since glib 2.2 and null-safe
- build fixes for older OS releases, e.g. Ubuntu older than 9.10.

Posted by FixXxeR 2010-02-16

Pidgin-SIPE 1.8.0 release

version 1.8.0 "Exchange/Calendar" (2010-02-07)
- Added integration with Exchange 2007/2010. Now Sipe retrieve our Calendar data (Free/Busy, Working Hours, Meeting Subject/Location, Out-of-Office Note) from Exchange Web Services and publishes it to OCS2007/LCS2005. Thus our contacts can see our availability information based on Calendar data. For example: "Calendar: Currently Busy. Free at 11:30" or "Calendar: Currently Free. Outside of working hours at 18:00". Contacts will also see our Out-of-Office message if it's enabled in Exchange/Outlook. Team members (contacts with access level Team) will be able to see information about our current meeting - subject and location (OCS2007).
First call to Exchange is scheduled with 1 minute delay after Sipe start. Subsequent update intervals are 30 minutes. There is a way to manually trigger Calendar data update: Accounts->{SIPE_ACCOUNT}->"Republish Calendar" menu option.
Though Exchange integration can work without any additional settings in account configuration, there are options to manually provide email address if it's different from SIP URI, Exchange Services URI, email account authentication if it is different from configuration on Basic tab. (pier11)
- Added Calendar information to contact's tooltip. You can see it like "Calendar: Currently Tentative. Busy at 11:30" or "Calendar: Outside of working hours for next 8 hours". (pier11)
- 2005 presence engine has been completely rewritten. Now it supports "Do not disturb" status(taken from UserState), "In a meetinfg" status (taken from Calendar stream data, and most importantly changing autonomously in line with the stream). "In a meeting" activity reflects scheduled times of activities in Outlook/Exchange with Busy state. Updated 2007 presence engine too. Pidgin Statusbox now reflects last status and note set by our other points of presence; also updates according to our Calendar state (i.e without manual action); displays our Out-of-Office message if any. (pier11)
- Added "Accounts->{SIPE_ACCOUNT}->Status Reset" menu option to clean User Status set manually. The latter can override Calendar status for example. (pier11)
- Added "Find on LinkedIn" link on contact's User Info screen for more in-depth information about your contact if available. Both SIPE and professional network belong to enterprise domain, so match is quite good. (pier11)
- Enhanced custom NTLM security provider to pass connection-oriented authentication. Used in Web authentication, for example with Exchange Web Services. In contrast to connectionless (datagram) NTLM authentication type used in SIP. (pier11)
- Added Negotiate authentication scheme (Windows only). Used in HTTP authentication. (pier11)
- Contributed code for Adium port. (Matt Meissner)
- Added Windows Messenger 5.0 (RTC/1.2) compatibility. Though very old, some our clients use it on LCS2005. (pier11)
- New BusyIdle status. (pier11)
- Placed Sipe to translation portal allowing easily add/modify translations through web interface. (Stefan Becker)
- Updated Sipe About screen ("Accounts->{SIPE_ACCOUNT}->About SIPE plugin") with our translation page. (pier11)
- New translation: Polish 'pl' (Piotr Drąg)
- Updated translations: 'zh_CN' (Kang Kai), 'ru' (pier11) and 'de' (Stefan Becker)
- Static/dynamic code analysis with Coverity Prevent, memory leaks fixes (Stefan Becker)
- Fixed memory leaks found with cppcheck ( (Edmondas Girkantas)
- Fixed localization on Windows platform(!) Now translations are shown. (pier11)
- Fix for #2907567 Note parsing issue. Incoming html markup (like < symbol) could wierdly rerender Pidgin's contacts list UI - for example to "rename" contact, or even replace contact name by group name.
- Fix for #2908830 Federated contacts appear to be broken. 2005 Public IM Connectivity (PIC) environment. (pier11)
- Fix crash when SSL connect fails (Stefan Becker)
- Fix for server auto-discovery (Anibal Avelar)
- Fix for #2912926 crash on exist. Caused by improper CSTA communications. (pier11)
- Fix for xdg-email invocation. (David Woodhouse)
- Fix for SLED 10 compilation. (pier11)
- Fix for OpenSolaris port - #pragma pack() issue. (Stefan Becker)
- Fix compilation without Kerberos (Stefan Becker)
- Fix for User Agent string. (pier11)
- Fix for compilation with Pidgin 2.6.4 and 2.6.5 on mingw. (pier11)
- Fixed #2944156: SIPE Authentication Causes Pidgin Crash(Stefan Becker)
- RPM SPEC: add Epoch: for git packages. (Stefan Becker)
- Remove static link build option, remove unused config.h, other build improvements. (Stefan Becker)
- Make tests compile again; Simplify "make tests" (Stefan Becker)
- Code: Take PURPLE_INIT_PLUGIN into use.(Stefan Becker)

Posted by pier eleven 2010-02-07

SIPE Localization

We have set up (Stefan actually) fantastic facility to help you to help us translate SIPE to your native language - The first fruits of that are complete localizations to Polish, Russian. We also have full translations to Chinese, German. Italian, Finnish, Danish have been also updated through the site. It's so easy now to translate string by string using convenient web interface.
Our translation page is here:
Visit, help translate to your language.

Posted by pier eleven 2010-02-01

Pidgin-SIPE 1.7.1 is in Fedora updates

Pidgin-SIPE 1.7.1 is in Fedora updates [1]

packages are for both Fedora 11 and 12.
Thanks to Konstantin Ryabitsev.


Posted by pier eleven 2009-12-02

Pidgin-SIPE 1.7.1 release

- "About SIPE plugin" screen implemented. Accessible as "Accounts->{Your Account}->About SIPE plugin".
- New correct 'User Agent:' header in SIP messages with Purple and Sipe versions, host operating system type and processor architecture as well as OCS version. To take advantage of it - empty your old 'User Agent' setting in the account configuration.
- Version now stored in single place - VERSION file and used for all builds.
- Core - not using bodies for single subscriptions in 2005 environment. Optimized CSeq numbers usage. Beautified debug log output.
- Call Control - session timer for dialog with CSTA. Otherwise session with CSTA got expired after ~30 min due to no refresh. RFC4028.
- Call Control - removing internal alternative phone number from phone string.
- RPM spec file update for CentOS/RHEL 5 - purple-sipe needed a "Group" (John B.)
- Fixed crash in 2005 'New Chat' menu.
- Fixed #2886534 - routing - Request-URI/Route headers. Problem was a re-subscription failure resulting in stopping contacts' status update after approximately 8 hours.
- Fixed #2892842 - interference of conference invite to normal IM dialog on 2007 environment. Incoming BYE from conf invite process used to kill ongoing regular IM dialog with the same user.
- Fixed crash in presense processing on Reuters environment (LSC 2005) on Linux.
- Fixed #2882304 - 'Note' not working with LCS2005
- Fix for the First message in 2005 multiparty chat.
- Fix for initial outgoing messages - some were lost if typed too fast if dialog was not established yet.
- Fixed #2882658 - SIGSEGV in process_incoming_info_csta() - happened on some Cisco-Systems 7 CSTA Gateways.
- Fixes for SLED 10 SP2 and SP3 compilations.... read more

Posted by pier eleven 2009-11-19

Pidgin-SIPE has been added to Fedora

pidgin-sipe has been added to Fedora [1]. Packages for 1.7.0 for F11 & F12 are available in updates-testing.

Congratulations to Konstantin Ryabitsev, Stefan Becker and others involved for the excellent work!


Posted by pier eleven 2009-11-12

Reuters Messaging 6 end of life

Reuters has de-facto discontinued support for Reuters Messaging 6 client.
It is no longer allowed to login with the following error:

SIP/2.0 403 You are using an out of date version of Reuters Messaging and cannot log in.

This move does not affect functionality of SIPE client. Users restrained to use version 6 of Reuters Messaging client can try SIPE for business continuation.

Parameters to configure in SIPE:
Use Single Sign-On (on Advanced tab): Unchecked

Posted by pier eleven 2009-10-26

Pidgin-SIPE 1.7.0 release


version 1.7.0 (2009-10-19)
- Added integration with PBX (external phones) using CSTA protocol (ECMA TR-87). Users can initiate a call by clicking on contact phones in right-click context menu. This feature should be enabled for user on the server side.
- Added reconnection to chat after disconnection by continue typing in the same open chat window (OCS 2007 only). Feature request #2866630.
- More precise errors shown on message undelivery event.
- Better re-subscription logic for contact status updates.
- 'Out of Office', 'In a Meeting', 'In a Conference', etc. contact activities are shown now in contast's status and tooltip. Also meeting subject and location are shown in 2007 environment if contact is in Team access category.
- New Idle status.
- Added 'Site' to User Info panel. Can be a link to user's corporate directory page or similar.
- Removed message acceptance in incoming INVITE.
- Fixed type errors in sip-sec-ntlm.c for Linux/Unix platforms.
- Added 32- and 64-bit header conflict check to configure.
- Removed from old incorrect installation location. This makes sure that DIY users don't have two copies of
- Moved to the correct installation directory. The libpurple protocol plugins directory is $(libdir)/purple-2. While the name of the plugin is pidgin-sipe, it works perfectly fine with 'finch' too.
- Rewritten transaction payload handling. This should fix memory leaks in transaction handling.
- Fixed crash on reauthentication when IM window is open not Chat window
- Fixed warnings on compilation.
- Fixed memory leaks.... read more

Posted by pier eleven 2009-10-19