pidgin-sipe release 1.13.0 -- Lync & Office36

version 1.13.0 "Lync & Office365" (2012-03-14)
- added [MS-SIPAE] TLS-DSK authentication scheme (Stefan Becker)
* TLS-DSK has been introduced in Lync
* mandatory for Office365 accounts
* also works for non-public Lync installations
* does not work yet with SSPI on Windows
- added [MS-DLX] based Get Info/Contact Search (Stefan Becker)
* [MS-PRES] SIP-Based Active Directory Search is disabled in Lync
- added experimental media TCP transport (Jakub Adam)
- make it compile against the latest purple 3.0.x API (Stefan Becker)
- make it compile against the latest glib2 2.31.x API (Stefan Becker)
- completed cleanup: core no longer requires libpurple (Stefan Becker)
- refactored crypto code, ie. NSS can replaced if necessary (Stefan Becker)
- sipe-domino.c is no longer built under UNIX to remove dead code (Stefan Becker)
- restricted XXX_CFLAGS to modules that need them (Stefan Becker)
- NSS is now a mandatory build requirement (Stefan Becker)
- decoupled SSPI from HAVE_LIBKRB5 flag. New flag is HAVE_SSPI (Stefan Becker)
- OBS mingw packages now use SSPI instead of NTLM (Stefan Becker)
- added NSIS package generation to OBS mingw packages (Stefan Becker)
- removed kopete backend. KDE is moving to telepathy (Stefan Becker)
- added MinGW cross-compilation on Linux instructions (Stefan Becker)

Posted by Stefan Becker 2012-03-14

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