Jochen De Smet - 2011-06-15

Finally got this working in Miranda, with a small change to sip-sec-sspi.c

The problem is that sip_sec_acquire_cred__sspi calls AcquireCredentialsHandle, but blindly passes it a SEC_CHAR* for the name of the security package.

If the file is compiled with UNICODE defined (as it is for miranda plugins), AcquireCredentialsHandle maps to AcquireCredentialsHandleW and expects a SEC_WCHAR*. The result is an error since it can't find its package name.

Since the parameter we pass is hardcoded ANSI, would it make sense to explicitly call AcquireCredentialsHandleA instead of AcquireCredentialsHandle ?  That seems to fix the problem for me. (with a similar replacement for InitializeSecurityContext a bit further down)