Out of the Office message stuck as a status... Manual Statuses not seen by coworkers...

  • Ken Botwinick

    Ken Botwinick - 2013-11-11


    I'm using:

    • Adium 1.7hg (which I just built from source to include Stefan's Mavericks fix. THANKS FOR THAT BTW! Epic effort on that thread.)
    • Sipe 1.17
    • Microsoft Lync 2010 (on Windows)
    • Mac Mail Version 7.0 (1822)

    The problem I'm having:

    I put an out of the office message in Mac Mail which is configured with our Exchange 2010 server via auto discover.

    When I got back I turned it off.

    When logged in via Adium and Sipe (instead of using Lync), everyone keeps telling me they see my out of the office message in my chat status.

    I've disabled and deleted it in Mac Mail.

    I've gone to Windows side and launched Lync and set the option to NOT talk to Outlook for my status, so it shouldn't be reading it anyways. But in Lync I see the status still there...

    Another aspect is that if I put my status to Away or whatever manually in Adium, no one can ever see that...

    So my question is, shouldn't I be able to set my status via Adium/Sipe and have everyone else see that one?

    Why is the Out of the Office message (set in Mac Mail, not via Outlook) seemingly stuck?

    I did see the other thread "Disabling automatic status updates". Does that apply here as well? Even though we're on Exchange 2010, NOT Office 365? And I'm using Adium, not Pidgin. Would the same kludgy hack work to fix this for me?

    I just want to be able to have a correct status that I can set manually... Sigh...

    Thanks for any help,

  • Stefan Becker

    Stefan Becker - 2013-11-12

    I don't know about Adium, but in Pidgin when you change from e.g. "Away" to "Available" it makes the current note "editable" for a short while before it switches the status. Then you just clear it with backspace and press return. If your OOO is still active it will of course be reset back after a while.

    If you never want SIPE to read your OOO note, then you have to tick "don't publish my calendar information" in the SIPE account settings. That UI setting is currently missing on the Adium plugin side, but should arrive at git HEAD soonish.

    Your account is stuck in "Away": do you maybe have another client running that is on "Away"? Please remember that the "IM client" in Outlook Web Access 2010 counts too!

  • Ken Botwinick

    Ken Botwinick - 2013-11-17

    Hi Stefan. Thanks for adding that preference to the gui. I've compiled the plugin and will see how it goes. But I have a different intermittent problem that I'm going to research first and open a new thread for if I don't find the answer...

  • Ken Botwinick

    Ken Botwinick - 2013-11-18

    Thanks, but no improvement. It's definitely a Microsoft bug that is happening in the absence of using adium/sipe.

    • Stefan Becker

      Stefan Becker - 2013-11-18

      Have you tried to login into OWA, select settings, enable OOO, replace the existing text with an empty string, SAVE, then disable OOO and SAVE again? That should definitely clean out your OOO string in the system.

  • Ken Botwinick

    Ken Botwinick - 2013-11-19

    Yes. That doesn't work. The string that's stuck in there is actually from being OOTO in October. I was OOTO since then in November, with a completely different string. And that latest string is not what shows. Worked with my IT dept yesterday. They had me delete .ost files... And repair Office... And blah, blah, blah. Same thing. Lync is not picking up that string from Outlook, or web client, or Apple Mail. I have no clue where it's getting it from.

    • Stefan Becker

      Stefan Becker - 2013-11-19

      Doohh that stuff is stored on the Exchange server, so deleting .ost files is really going to help, IT geniuses at work, I suppose :-)

      You could check the --debug log which server SIPE is requesting the calendar & OOO stuff from. Maybe your autodiscover stuff is outdated and points to an obsolete EWS server? Or the EWS server is out of sync with your master Exchange server?

      Have you tried running Pidgin and manually clear the note there? (see my previous post)

  • Ken Botwinick

    Ken Botwinick - 2013-11-21

    To be honest, I'm a little confused by the whole "there's more than one server for all this crap". And I'm afraid to ask IT for the exact server I should be pointing to, etc., because I shouldn't need that information, because it's all set up automatically with the standard software, and t don't want them to know that I'm using a non-standard setup. I need to read up on autodiscover/EWS/master Exchange, so I can understand better how to make the advanced setup...

  • Ken Botwinick

    Ken Botwinick - 2013-11-21

    Oh, and I did try Pidgin on Windows, with the exact same server info that I use with Adium on Mac, and it wouldn't even let me connect. Hence confusion.


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