Periodic "write error" disconnect

  • Anonymous - 2013-03-19

    Hi, I have been using Pidgin 2.10.6 with SIPE plugin pidgin-sipe-1.14.1-pidgin-2.10.6-win32-nsis-sspi for a few months now, with no major problems.

    When I try to upgrade to Pidgin 2.10.7 and pidgin-sipe-1.15.0-pidgin-2.10.7-win32-nsis-sspi, every few minutes after login, I get disconnected with a "write error" message. A minute or so later I get reconnected for a few minutes before it happens again.

    I did not change any configuration settings on the upgrade. I have the following settings in version 1.14.1:

    Proxy type: Use Global Proxy Settings
    Server: empty
    Connection type: Auto
    User Agent: empty
    Authentication scheme: Kerberos
    Use Single Sign-On: selected
    Email services URL, Email address, Email login, Email password, and Group Chat Proxy: empty

    After the upgrade, I selected the "Don't publish my calendar information" option to see if it had any effect on the issue. It did not; I continued getting "write error" disconnects after restarting Pidgin.

    If I bring up the "debug window" of Pidgin before the write error occurs, and wait for the write error to occur, I get the following (sanitized) text:

    Pidgin Debug Log : 3/19/2013 1:27:02 PM
    (13:26:53) network: found network ''
    (13:26:53) network: Received Network Change Notification. Current network count is 1, previous count was 1.
    (13:26:54) connection: Connection error on 05F3BD50 (reason: 0 description: Read error)
    (13:26:54) account: Disconnecting account,example (005AF0C0)
    (13:26:54) connection: Disconnecting connection 05F3BD50
    (13:26:54) connection: Deactivating keepalive.
    (13:26:54) stun: using server
    (13:26:54) stun: using server
    (13:26:54) stun: using server
    (13:26:54) stun: using server
    (13:26:54) stun: using server
    (13:26:54) connection: Connection error on 05F3BD50 (reason: 0 description: Write error)
    (13:26:54) connection: Destroying connection 05F3BD50
    (13:26:59) util: Writing file accounts.xml to directory C:\Users\example\AppData\Roaming\.purple
    (13:26:59) util: Writing file C:\Users\example\AppData\Roaming\.purple\accounts.xml
    (13:26:59) util: Writing file blist.xml to directory C:\Users\example\AppData\Roaming\.purple
    (13:26:59) util: Writing file C:\Users\example\AppData\Roaming\.purple\blist.xml

    Since the same configuration works just fine in version 1.14.1 but fails in 1.15, I assume something changed in Pidgin or the SIPE plugin, hopefully only by introducing a new option I need to enable or something, to break the communication.

    Please let me know if there are any workarounds or settings I can try, or whether there is further information I can provide to help. For now I've downgraded back to 1.14.1 and Pidgin 2.10.6.

  • Stefan Becker

    Stefan Becker - 2013-03-19

    Wrong conclusion, as you also upgraded to Windows Pidgin 2.10.7. Please read the "Frequently Asked Questions" page.


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