User Agent issue

  • Nelson E. Ingersoll

    Hi, just installed Pidgin and the SIPE plugin on my new Windows 7 laptop for work.  It would fail to connect with the error

    "You have been rejected by the server: You are currently not using the recommended version of the client". 

    I found an entry in the FAQ about this issue and entered the value "UCCAPI/3.5.6907.0 OC/3.5.6907.0" for "User Agent".  That produced another error

    "You have been rejected by the server:"

    Ultimately change the user agent value to "UCCAPI/3.5.6907.0 OC/3.5.6907.206".  Note the bolded value.  And now Pidgin is working!

    Thanks for all your hard work.  There's a chance I can help by building a Windows installer for this project if that will help.  Please let me know what I'll need aside from an installer; I'd user Inno Installer given a choice.  I would need some hand holding getting started; but, not much.


  • Stefan Becker

    Stefan Becker - 2013-01-02

    The current Windows release package is based on NSIS installer. Did you try that?

    As nobody wants to take the job of the Windows release maintainer that is currently our only option, because the NSIS installer generator runs under Linux. I.e. we non-Windows developers can create a Windows release without using Windows.


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