#210 Conference call ends with error message


After trying to connect to conference call/accept multiple call from other, call ended with error message:

Error occured

Unable to establish a call
488 Not Acceptable Here

Error parsing SDP


Release Notes: 2014/04/pidgin-sipe-release-1181
Release Notes: 2014/06/pidgin-sipe-release-1182


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  • JanP

    JanP - 2013-08-13

    Seems, that problem is in case, that meeting is already in progres, OR I accept invitation from other two persons in call who add me later on.

  • Jakub Adam

    Jakub Adam - 2013-09-13


    interesting, I used to participate in conference calls regularly and everything worked fine in the scenarios you've mentioned.

    Error parsing SDP

    Looks like we are sending some malformed requests to the conference server. Please send me your logs; use the same email like last time.

  • Stefan Becker

    Stefan Becker - 2013-09-14
    • summary: Canference call ends with error message --> Conference call ends with error message
    • assigned_to: Jakub Adam
  • Timo Saarinen

    Timo Saarinen - 2013-12-20

    I tried to join to conference call of a Lync Meeting that resulted this same problem. Accounts -> Lync account -> Test Call reproduces the same error. Here is the related ms-diagnostics line from Pidgin log:

    ms-diagnostics: 24000;Component="RTCC/";Reason="Error parsing SDP";Source="A1B2C3D4E5F6G7.mycompany.com"

    Last edit: Timo Saarinen 2013-12-20
  • DemonCcC

    DemonCcC - 2014-01-31

    Hello, I have the same issue... When I try to join a conference call of the scheduled conference, it ends with this error:

    "Unable to establish a call
    488 Not Acceptable Here
    Error parsing SDP"

    There is a workaround or any patch to solve this issue?

  • Jakub Adam

    Jakub Adam - 2014-03-06

    I'm on Lync Server 2013 now and have also encountered the very same error while connecting to a conference. It should be fixed by this commit in mob so please try out the latest git version.

  • JanP

    JanP - 2014-03-06

    Wow, now seesm, that I'm able to join at least... I will test it more deeply and will let know. Great work! :)

    Now just enable presentation and it would be absolutely great!

    Last edit: JanP 2014-03-06
  • DemonCcC

    DemonCcC - 2014-03-06

    Hi, I tested it, but it doesn't work yet. There is some lines of the debug log (I changed the IPs and the users for dummy values):

    MESSAGE START <<<<<<<<<< SIP - 2014-03-06T17:27:17.289673Z
    SIP/2.0 488 Not Acceptable Here
    Authentication-Info: NTLM rspauth="010000007C295ACDAB1C0F8264000000", srand="A6BA4CC2", snum="34", opaque="5B94D720", qop="auth", targetname="sjc-ocs-fe3.rws.ad.ea.com", realm="SIP Communications Service"
    Via: SIP/2.0/tls x.x.x.x:41251;received=x.x.x.x;ms-received-port=41251;ms-received-cid=38320A00
    From: "Doe, Jhon"sip:jdoe@example.com;tag=4648163054;epid=c56dd0ad5933
    To: sip:zaraza@example.com;gruu;opaque=app:conf:audio-video:id:BY35TMWC;epid=825A289092;tag=684f38cb58
    CSeq: 1 INVITE
    Call-ID: 7F25g28F1a4883i2391m2498tDEDDbCD34x2F88x
    Server: RTCC/ AV-MCU
    ms-diagnostics: 7008;source="iad-lync-fe3.example.com";reason="Error parsing SDP";component="Audio Video Conferencing Server"
    ms-diagnostics-public: 7008;reason="Error parsing SDP";component="Audio Video Conferencing Server"
    ms-endpoint-location-data: NetworkScope;ms-media-location-type=intranet


    • Jakub Adam

      Jakub Adam - 2014-03-13


      unfortunately your log snippet doesn't provide any clues as to what's going wrong in your case. Please try attaching complete Pidgin log (obfuscate any confidential strings as you wish).

      What version of Lync server is this?

      I guess log from original Lync client doing the same action would be most helpful here, though. Please see how to create it.

  • Stefan Becker

    Stefan Becker - 2014-03-24

    @reporters: please compile git HEAD and confirm that the problem is fixed or not. If there is no response I'll assume the problem is fixed by commit 21ea077 and close this report after the next release.

    Thanks in advance.

  • DemonCcC

    DemonCcC - 2014-03-25

    Hi, I compile it but the conference call isn't working... I added all the pidgin log, I will try to send you the log of the communicator application.

    • Jakub Adam

      Jakub Adam - 2014-03-26

      In the log I don't see any reliable way to recognize which ICE dialect to use to communicate with the conferencing server (perhaps it's hard-coded in Lync/OCS client corresponding to the server release?).

      The best we can do for now is to retry the call with the other ICE version when the first attempt fails. Please check current git HEAD whether it helps.

  • Stefan Becker

    Stefan Becker - 2014-03-28

    @reporters: PING. Your missing feedback is blocking the next release.

  • DemonCcC

    DemonCcC - 2014-03-28

    Sorry for the delay. It didn't work... I will upload the pidgin log and the communicator log so you can check what is happening. I will try to do that today.

    • Stefan Becker

      Stefan Becker - 2014-04-03

      Ping? The logs are still missing.

  • DemonCcC

    DemonCcC - 2014-04-04

    Sorry for the delay. Tomorrow I will upload the communicator logs. Today I attached the Pidgin logs.

    • Jakub Adam

      Jakub Adam - 2014-04-07

      Pidgin log doesn't show any new information. Communicator logs would be more helpful in order to see how original client connects to a conference in this environment.

  • DemonCcC

    DemonCcC - 2014-04-21

    I tried to enable the logs of Communicator 2007 but I couldn't do that. The link in the Pidgin FAQ that should show us how to do it doesn't work.

    Could you tellme how I can obtain the logs that you need?


  • Stefan Becker

    Stefan Becker - 2014-04-30

    Jakub: should the latest changes to git HEAD fix this bug?

    If yes, then DemonCcC: please retest.

    • Jakub Adam

      Jakub Adam - 2014-05-03

      No, they're unrelated. The updates are for TCP transport support we're working on in libnice.

  • Martin Wilck

    Martin Wilck - 2014-05-09

    I am seeing the same problem with pidgin-sipe 1.18.1 (Fedora 19, pidgin-2.10.9-1.fc19).

  • Martin Wilck

    Martin Wilck - 2014-05-09
    • Stefan Becker

      Stefan Becker - 2014-05-09

      Just curious: does that mean that in your installation you have automatic recording of all Lync Voice Calls? I.e. when I call you with Lync, there are two clients on your side: your client and the "compliance service" (my guess what this is) that makes a mandatory record of the call.

      • Martin Wilck

        Martin Wilck - 2014-05-09

        No, AFAIK there is no compliance service that records every call. At least I am not seeing it in the participants list.

  • Jakub Adam

    Jakub Adam - 2014-05-20

    Please try latest git HEAD; this change possibly fixes the issue.

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