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Please see
http://www.evertype.com/standards/iso10646/pdf/n3xxx-sinhala.pdf and
let me know if you have any comments.

I would like to have the support of the Sinhala user community for
this proposal.

Dear Michael,

Thank you for the effort you put on this. But I have 2 concerns on the work you are doing.

a) In current Unicode page the letters which are not in contemporary use have been dropped. So I believe as the numbers in question are also not in use, the same rule should apply to them.

b) The signs you have taken from the sources are not real numerals. In ancient literature, combinations of letters have been use to represent numbers. When they group in a particular manner they have interpreted as numbers. Those letters have been evolved and changed to the current shapes, but the practice of using letters for number has been dropped with the increased use of Arabic numerals.  So the signs which you referred to as numbers are old Sinhalese letters. There should be corresponding letters for the same in the current alphabet. A good Sinhalese scholar will be able to help you to identify what are those letters. Basically by putting them on the code page, we duplicate the same letter twice, the contemporary one and the older one, which has no meaning. (this info is based on the details I gathered from several Sinhalese scholars)

I will try to get some more information on this and let you know.

Also I copied the mail to Sinhala-Unicode@googlegroups.com where related conversations going on in Sinhalese. That group also will be helpful in this regard.


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