Dear Harshula
Some of the suggestions have been incorporated  into the final document 

Thank you

On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 10:41 AM, harsha wijayawardhana <> wrote:

Dear Harshula
Some of the suggestions have been incorporated  into the final document 

Thank you

On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 11:24 PM, Harshula <> wrote:

Here are my comments/corrections after reviewing the SLS1134:2011 draft:
1 Corrections in Section Order

1.1 Cover Pages and Table of Contents

• Replace “SIR LANKA” with 'SRI LANKA'

• “Figure 5 - Standard Keyboard Layout ... 28”. The actual page is
 numbered 27.

• There seems to be a problem with page numbering. e.g. There are
 two pages with 15.

1.2 Scope

• “signs” is used at the start of the paragraph and then “
 modifier” at the end of the paragraph.

1.3 Definitions

• What's the difference between “base character” and “base letter”

• For each of the definitions an example should be provided, if

• “vowel” versus “vocalic”, use the term that is more likely to
 be understood by the general public

• Add the definition: “consonant cluster: pure consonant followed
 by another consonant”

• Define 'composed' and 'decomposed' form

1.4 Description of the Sinhala Language

• p5: “The modern script used in writing Sinhala is unique to
 this language”. What about writing Pali?

• p6: Replace the use of “Romanised” to 'transliterated'.

• p7: “phonetic notations”. It would be better to use
 International Phonetic Alphabet notation.

• p7: “Strokes”. Use the term “Signs” or “Modifiers”. e.g. vowel
 signs or vowel modifiers.

• p9: “Phonetic Notation”. Excluding (10) & (11), isn't this
 Transliterated notation?

• p10: Replace the use of “Romanised Notation” to 'Transliterated

• p10: Replace “A conjunct letter is formed by joining another
 letter to a pure consonant (e.g. ...)” with 'A conjunct letter
 is formed by forming a consonant cluster (e.g. ...)'

• p11: Replace “... use the convention of representing a pure
 consonant followed by another consonant by omitting ...” with
 '... use the convention of representing a consonant cluster by
 omitting ...'

• p11: 3.5.4 Sinhala Numerals: “For zero, Sinhala Halant or
 Virama is used in this set”. We should be referring to it as
 'Al-lakuna' so the document is internally consistent.

• p11: “Katapayadia”. Sinhala doesn't have the transliterated
 sequence “ia”. I would transliterate කටපයාදිය to
 katapayaadhiya, again this would be internally consistent with
 rakaaraansaya. Actually, it should be rakaaraanshaya'.

1.5 Character Encoding

• p13: “The code for INV is not specified in this standard (see
 5.10)”. Replace “5.10” with '5.12'. The application the
 document is written in should handle this automatically.

1.6 Code Sequences

• p14: Replace “... is represented by a sequence of characters in
 given in ...” with '... is represented by a sequence of
 characters given in ...'. In this paragraph the dotted circle
 appears between ayanna and anusvaraya when it should not.

• p14: “5.2 Consonants”: “0D9A - 0DC9”. Shouldn't that be '0D9A -

• p18: The “Notes” (1), (2) and (3) should NOT follow Section “
 5.6 Differentiating Sinhala numerals from Sinhala characters”.

• p18: Use the definition of composed and decomposed form to
 explain Note (2).

• p18: Replace “vocalic strokes” with “vowel signs”.

• p18: “5.7 Semi-consonant signs”. Dotted circles appear where
 they should not.

1.7 Keyboard Input

• p21: Replace “c) Vocalic Strokes” with 'c) Vowel Signs'.
 Replace “non-vocalic” with “non-vowel”.

• p23: Note (5): Replace “logical sequence” with “phonetic

• p24: “c) Stand-alone signs”: Is the rendering of ya yansaya
 repaya correct?

1.8 Keyboard Layout

• p25: “can be assigned up to 5 symbols”. That should be 4

• p25: AltGr: We should not be primarily referring to “ctrl-alt”.
 “ctrl-alt” is platform specific (see In this section we should
 be referring to “AltGr”. e.g.





• p25: It is not “Alt + Gr”. Simply 'AltGr' is sufficient.

• p25: If platform specific information is desired, then add a
 Note stating Ctrl-Alt represents AltGr on MS Windows, Right Alt
 key represents AltGr on GNU/Linux and the Option key may be
 used as AltGr on Mac OS X.
2 Inconsistencies affecting the entire document

• Page numbering

• Choose between “Vowel” and “Vocalic”, don't use both. I
 recommend “Vowel” as it is understood by most readers.

• Choose between “Stroke”, “Sign” and “Modifier” and don't use
 all three. I recommend deleting “Stroke” from the entire
 document. Choose between “Sign” and “Modifier”. My preference
 is “Modifier” as it also describes the function it performs.
 i.e. A 'vowel modifier' modifies the inherent vowel of a

• Use the term “transliterated” instead of “Romanised”.

• Use the International Phonetic Alphabet notation if applicable.


On Fri, 2011-04-01 at 12:48 +0530, Gihan Dias wrote:
> I attach the draft of SLS1134 which is released for public comment.
> The main update is the addition of the Sinhala Numerals, but several
> small changes and improvements have been made, including inclusion of
> yanasaya, rakaransaya and repaya in Table 1.
> The error pointed out by Kamal Wickramanayake is also corrected.
> Please review this draft, and inform any errors to:
> The Director General
> Sri Lanka Standards Institution
> 17 Victoria Place
> Elvitigala Mv.
> Colombo 8
> with a copy to Harsha Wijayawardhana <>.
> Thanks,
> Gihan
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