Hi Asanka,

     Very nice development, do you have word list for Sinhala?  If it is available somewhere in opensource license we can start working on adding support of sinhala in typing booster project.

   For Marathi, Hindi and Gujarati typing booster we have word list something around 0.2 Million

Best Regards,
Pravin S

On 3 June 2011 21:05, Harshula <harshula@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Asanka,

You might be interested in having a look at:

Contact Pravin (CC'd) if you have any questions/comments.


On Mon, 2011-04-18 at 23:46 +0100, Asanka Wasala wrote:
> Dear All,
> Wish you all a very happy Sinhala & Hindu new year! To make the new year
> more exciting, we have a special hand-made new year gift for you.
> We hope you are already familiar with the online Sinhala font encoding
> converters, online Sinhala keyboard and online Sinhala spell checker that we
> brought to life some time back. The Sinhala computing community has grown to
> new heights over the time and it's high time that their new needs are
> addressed.
> It is our pleasure to announce the latest addition to online Sinhala tools &
> services:* "Nimithi", the first online predictive text input service for
> Sinhala*. This service will make your life easy by enabling you to type
> Sinhala quick and easy. Visit the Nimithi website (URL given below) and
> start typing in Sinhala. As you are typing, possible Sinhala words* will be
> predicted and listed. All you have to do is to select the most suitable word
> from this list by using the mouse or arrow keys. It will save you a lot of
> key strokes - and your time too.
> Wait, the excitement just doesn't end there. If you are not familiar with
> Sinhala typing at all, don't worry, we have great news for you too. With
> Nimithi, you can start typing in English (i.e. transliterate) too. You don't
> have to remember any transliteration scheme - intuition will work - let the
> Nimithi algorithm take care of the rest. Even if you type in English,
> Nimithi will predict matching Sinhala words** for you.
> Just visit: www.subasa.net/nimithi  *(Works only with Firefox, Chrome, Opera
> and Safari browsers. Javascript and Cookies must be enabled.)*
> It's new year's season, where gifts are not just given, they are exchanged.
> Now that you know about our new year gift to you, are you ready to give
> something back too?
> If you think "Nimithi" will help the Sinhala community, you can help us to
> improve these services through following aspects:
> 1. Contribute your ideas.
> 2. Promote these services.
> 3. Give your feedback, encouraging words, blames.
> 4. Contribute financially.
>     - To keep these services independent and free of charge. (pay-up for
> hosting in a high performance commercial web-hosting environment and
> maintaining the domain name)
>     - Hire developers. (Yes!! we need developers; there are more new things
> in the horizon! If you are interested in sponsoring, we can send you a
> proposal)
> You can write to us on sinhala.subasa@gmail.com. Please do not hesitate to
> contact us for any clarification or feedback.
> Kindly pass this message to others as well.
> Thank you,
> Kind Regards
> Asanka *(Localisation Research Centre)* & Eranga* (University of Colombo
> School of Computing)*
> ps.
> * This will predict the most frequent and best matching 5 possible words.
> ** The transliteration feature is experimental.