Firefox 4.0 beta 11  [1] has been released.

Let me know if you found any typo or rendering issue in Sinhala.


2011/2/2 Harshula <>
On Tue, 2011-02-01 at 23:21 +0530, கா. சேது | කා. සේතු | K. Sethu wrote:

> I think it is better to use the now more common referencing : Harfbuzz-ng .

It isn't the common term anymore. To avoid ambiguity, you can use
harfbuzz-ng. However, when you see the term "harfbuzz" these days you
*should* assume the reference is to harfbuzz-ng. e.g.

> Won't Harfbuzz-ng have them in coming months?  Behdad had mentioned in
> [
> ] that Indic would be included by March .

It's like waiting for the messiah! :-) e.g.

> What really is meant by "...text layout deferred to the OS text layout
> engine" ?  Is it simply that layout engine used by the desktop (Pango
> or Qt) in the host OS or something else?

It seems like for some scripts text layout will be done by Pango
(GNU/Linux) and Uniscribe (MS Windows). You can double check this by
seeing if Pango is linked to the relevant Firefox binary.


Danishka Navin