Thank you for your concern regarding this matter. I hope to get help and support from all experienced and knowledged in this area as my project is continuing. Thanks


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Hi All,

There's a number of you that can probably help Maheeka.


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I am a final year student at APIIT. I am to select my final year
project within this week. After going through so many ideas, i have
ended up with a few useful ideas regarding Sinhala.

Initially i wanted to create a translator for English to Sinhala,
which i know is not an easy task. And it is almost impossible in 8
months of my FYP period. So after talking with my supervisor, he
advised me to go for a Sinhala to English translator, which is a
little bit more manageable than vice-versa, considering the time. Even
out of this i had to select a limited area of the language. The reason
I had to limit my scope is that I have to develop everything from
scratch. Therefore, I have selected sentences adhering to "prathama
wibhakthi" and "sambanda wibhakthi" only.

My other idea was to create a Sinhala spell checker. After some
googling i found out that there is already a spell checker for open-
office and an add-on for Firefox. the firefox add-on does not support
with the newer versions and the open office plug-in needs some
improvements regarding the word set. After going through the threads
in this forum, i saw a thread that was referring to the need of a
browser spell-checker. I further explored this idea and informed my
supervisor of my intention to develop such a plug-in. I personally
prefer this over the translator. But I have not confirmed my selection
as at yet.

Since it is the vacation I still couldn't get my supervisor's opinion
about these two ideas. But since both is regarding Sinhala, i would
like to get support from this group members for this project. i would
like to hear your ideas regarding this matter.