Hi ,

I am using scim-sinhala on gnome and i found some specific thing
Because in scim-sinhala "oo" produces ඔ backspace ඕ this can only do the right thing if the backspace key in an application like openoffice.org-writer
will always treat backspace as "delete previous character", so backspace cannot be rebound to do something else

so if my application treating backspace differently  suppose  'deleting next character' scim-sinhala will fail.
and in openoffice user can change behaviour of backspace event.

to avoid this problem we should implement preedit in scim-sinhala so there will be no need to use backspace event.
and such dependencies will not come.
there is lots of scim ime's using preedit like hangul, pinyin.

Pravin Satpute
Software Engineer