i read the whole thread and harshula has been doing a great job. but the maintainers of fontconfig also know their stuff and so seem to feel insulted that harshula probably knows more. it appears that the discussion is not in the usual spirit of FOSS development since harshula's arguments are not answered, merely that he has not been polite enough.

not sure where we can go from here. anuradha, are you in perpetual unicode-hybernation or even technical-hybernation? can you advice us on this front please?


Harshula wrote:
Hi Gihan,

The impression I get is that this particular person took a stance before
getting a copy of SLS1134:Part2 and he is now clutching at straws.

On Sun, 2009-03-01 at 08:31 +0530, Gihan Dias wrote:

What are their issues? If they are valid, we can work on amending 
SLS1134:part 2.

The main issue seems to be that the descriptive texts in SLS1134, p.6

"3. ඎ also does not occur in present usage, but its corresponding vowel
sign, ෲ is used; for example, ශාස්තෲන්."

"The consonant ඦ (nyja) is included although it is not found in
contemporary writing."

So, this person refuses to require ඎ and ඦ because of the descriptive
text in SLS1134 even though SLS1134:Part2 explicitly states that it is
required for level 1 font compliance:
A font supporting SLS 1134 at Level 1 shall represent all the following Sinhala
a) Vowels
අ, ආ, ඇ, ඈ, ඉ, ඊ, උ, ඌ, ඍ, ඎ, එ, ඒ, ඓ, ඔ, ඕ, ඖ,
ං, ඃ

b) Consonants
ක, ඛ, ග, ඝ, ඞ ඟ,
ච, ඡ, ජ, ඣ, ඥ, ඤ, ඦ,
ට, ඨ, ඩ, ඪ, ණ, ඬ,
ත, ථ, ද, ධ, න, ඳ,
ප, ඵ, බ, භ, ම, ඹ,
ය, ර, ල, ව, ශ, ෂ, ස, හ, ළ, ෆ,

c) and Sinhala Characters given in Table 1.

All combinations of the above consonants with the above vowels shall be
supported. Consonant-vowel combinations with the yansaya(යංශය)
rakaransaya (රකාරංශය) and repaya shall also be supported.


I have tried to explain to this person that the iru/iruu independent and
dependent vowels are required as a set at Level 1 compliance. Similarly,
ilu/iluu independent and dependent vowels are required as set at Level 3
compliance. Also sanyaka jayanna is part of a set of nasalised
unaspirated voiced consonants needed at Level 1 compliance.