Hi Harshula,

You need to change the file/directory permissions and make them group
writable. Otherwise, no one can update the packages to fix any problems.
Do you mean the files in the tar ball?

3) I note your wijesekera directory doesn't contain a debian directory,
hence it is not a native Debian package. It's not necessary, but it
maybe easier to maintain if the debian directory and files are
The MOTU guys said they prefer for it not to be there.

4) What does pkgdev in the "Maintainer" field mean?
Don't worry about it. I just added that just in-case I needed to sign with different signatures. (i.e. outside packaging)
5) The suffix "ubuntu1" in the release string of the deb packages is
probably unnecessary.
You might want to verify that with the Ubuntu MOTU guys. I can't find the reference now, but during one of the IRC sessions, they mentioned that pretty much everything has to come through debian.
Overall, other than issue (1), it was good first effort.