Hi Gihan,

Thanks for your help. Would you be able to direct me to the standard? This will help me with test cases.


On 17/03/2008, Gihan Dias <gihan@uom.lk> wrote:
nidujay wrote:
> What is the character sequence to generate the repaya above the
> yansaya? (e.g. when writing kaaryaalaya) which is:
> ka-ya-(yans + rep) - aelapilla, etc...
> I tried using 0dbb, 0dca, 200d, 0dca, 200d, 0dba

In the standard it says:

A ya followed by a yansaya with a repaya is represented by the code
sequence 0DBB 0DCA 200D 0DBA 0DCA 200D 0DBA (ර +  ‍්  + zwj + ය +  ‍්  +
zwj + ය).

However, most fonts do not support this properly.

Note that the yansaya with repaya always follows a "ya".