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Sing in Harmony 0.30 is out!

Alright, here's the new release before the long weekend for me. Basically I added profile support, image support, new title screen, etc. My next plans involve getting multiplayer to work so get psyched for my next release!

Posted by darkweb 2007-06-29

New release coming soon

So I haven't been working on the game as much as I'd like but I added a few new screenshots as a sneak peek for the next version. What's new? Well a new title screen, profile selection so you can save your cool records, and the ability to display cd covers and background images! Expect the release shortly!

Posted by darkweb 2007-06-27

New Release Sing in Harmony 0.20

I'm sure some have been waiting patiently for this and here it is! A new release of Sing in Harmony with actual playability! Have fun with this and let me know about it in the forums!

Posted by darkweb 2007-05-30

Back in Business

It's been a while since I've actually done anything on this project but I plan on getting back into it. Looking back on my code it seems a bit ugly so I'll attempt to fix that up and make it a bit better. I plan to have a new release by the end of May so check it out then!

Posted by darkweb 2007-04-27

First Release!

v0.01 is out so enjoy, play around with it, have fun etc. Any problems let me know (there are lots I know).

Posted by darkweb 2006-06-22