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SINC32 adds Dev-C++ Support

The SINC32 scheduling engine developed for the SINC (SINC Is Not Cron) project has moved towards more cross compiler compatibility with the addition of support for the Dev-C++/MingW compiler environment. Dev-C++ available from Bloodshed Software ( is a free, opensource C/C++ IDE which used the MingW compiler (

The Dev-C++ IDE stores project information in a .dev file (in the case of SINC32 in the file) In the current version of Dev-C++ however, all file paths must be defined as absolute paths. For this reason if you wish to use Dev_C++ as your compiling environment, you must remove the source files from the project and re-add them to ensure proper pathing is being used. The same must be done with the icon paths in res1.rc, otherwise the compiler will be unable to find the source or resource files.... read more

Posted by S.D. Campbell 2000-11-26

SINC32 version 1.01 Released

Version 1.01 of the SINC32 scheduling engine has now been released for Beta Testing. For more information on the SINC project please check out

Posted by S.D. Campbell 2000-11-14

SINC32 now ported to Win32

SINC32, the scheduling engine for the SINC (SINC Is Not Cron) project has now been ported from a console app, to a full-blown Win32 app. Some problems remain, meaning we are unable (as of yet) to have the running engine place an icon in the system tray, as well, we've been looking at fixing the system call functionality (currently testing a multi-thread solution)

Big thanks to baracha, for the hard work in the port. ... read more

Posted by S.D. Campbell 2000-07-22

Sinc Client Alpha Release v0.90a

The client for SINC (SINC Is Not Cron) has just been released as an alpha implementation. Core sinctab editing functionality is enabled, but SINC32 control functions are not yet ready with this release.

To use this application to its fullest, you need to have SINC32 to run the edited sinctab files (see, although this application will allow you to edit crontab files as well.

Posted by S.D. Campbell 2000-07-07

SINC32 Alpha Release -- Testers Wanted.

SINC32 the scheduling behind SINC, a cron-like scheduling utility for windows has just been released in an alpha version. SINC32 reads from a crontab-like configuration file and runs the indicated jobs at the indicated times. There is no user interface or installation at this time, but the SINC project is looking for alpha testers to evaluate the current engine, and codebase.

For more information see

Posted by S.D. Campbell 2000-06-27