Hi Stefan,
About rclm2, yes I've updated rlcm2 to work with latest ruby releases and I'll send it in a separate email soon. And it seems that we should create a repository for rlcm2 ourselves.

About the password free root logins, yes this is the setup we usually use. If you have a better suggestion, that would be welcome. Another solution is to require teams to enter their password each time their team is going to run (sshing to the team user instead of sshing to the root user) but it still needs two password entrance for each game which could be annoying. There might be other solutions using more complex setups (e.g. using PolicyKit or ... ) but I have not thought about them. :P


Stefan Glaser <glaser.stefan@gmx.net> wrote on Mon, 31 Mar 2014 19:48:42 +0200:
Hello everybody,

hope you are fine and eager in preparing for the championships ;)

I was recently preparing the server cluster for the GermanOpens starting 
the next days and encountered some issues that I want to discuss, or 
name here at least.

First of all the changes to the protocol (labelling the hear-messages 
and providing the current score) works fine for me. I encountered no 
problem so far with this changes. The restrictions of the number of 
robot-types per team looks good as well. I tested a couple of 
combinations and there were no false positives or vice versa. However 
the not allowed agents actually show up on the server. But it seems that 
they don't work properly and you can't select them, etc. sometimes they 
seem to explode. So I think one will notice the problem of wrong robot 
So thanks again to Patrick for providing these improvements!

I had no further trouble to install the RC-Server on a machine running 
Ubuntu Server 13.10 version. However the RC-League Manager has some 
problems in creating the schedule and in reading the score after a game 
is finished. I'm not sure which version of the rclm2 I have installed, 
but it seems to have problems with ruby. I'm using the actual ruby and 
ruby-dev versions of the ubuntu-repo (I think it's the 1.9.1 version). 
Is there any updated version of the rclm2 available?

Furthermore I have a short question about the setup of the machines. The 
rclm2 uses "ssh root@client1 'su - $TEAM ...." to ssh into the clients, 
change the user to whatever $TEAM says and to run the corresponding 
team. Since I don't want to provide the root-password twice in any 
match, I generate key-pairs and add them to the corresponding machines, 
so that I can ssh as root into any machine without the need to provide a 
password. Is this the default intended setup? I don't like the idea of 
providing password-free root logins to any user - not even to my admin-user.

I'm looking forward to some great matches the next days. I'll try to 
upload the corresponding log files of the matches during the 
competition, so that you can watch them at home. Hope everything works fine.


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