Alternative editors: eKit and Kafenio

  • Daniel Polansky

    Daniel Polansky - 2007-12-13

    Hi all prospective users,

    SimplyHTML is IHMO better editor than the other two open source Java WYSIWYG HTML editors registered at SourceForge:
    * eKit
    * Kafenio

    Although they are superior to SimplyHTML in few regards, SimplyHTML has much better basic editing, including:

    * Entering and deleting of paragraphs is almost bugfree in SimplyHTML, unlike in eKit and Kafenio.
    * Pasting of HTML into table cells works in SimplyHTML, while it damages the table in eKit and Kafenio.
    * In tables, TAB key
    ** moves to the next cell (SimplyHTML, not the other two),
    ** creates a new table row when the cursor is at the end of the table.

    SimplyHTML has been chosen as the editing component in FreeMind -- free mind mapping software, in preference over eKit and Kafenio.

    Best regards,

    • Karsten Pawlik

      Karsten Pawlik - 2007-12-13

      hi daniel,
      thanks. interesting, i came across a html-editor named simplyHTML developed by ulrich hilger@lightdev in 2003.

      looks like you took over the project? did you add some more features? it wasn't very featurerich at the time i looked at it last time...although the table- and cut&paste support was very good already in 2003.

      unfortunately i had no time to look into your new project yet. maybe you can answer some of the following questions:
      how about foreign language support (e.g. greek or russian)?
      how about an http-based interface to support a list of internal links of a cms? ist there one now?
      how about configurability of menu- and toolbars?
      how about backwards compatibility (java 1.3 and up)?
      how about size of the application and required libraries?
      how about the possibility to pop-out the editor into a separate frame, when using it as an applet?
      how about the "interfaces" that you asked for in one of your previous postings in this forum, are they contained?
      how about insertion of special characters, is it possible?
      is it now possible to run simplyHTML as an applet?

      thanks & regards

      p.s.: sorry for cross-posting, but i wasn't sure if you would get the message in the kafenio-forum.


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