puckja - 2008-01-04

I encountered an issue with Freemind and found that SimplyHTML may be the source of problem and cure.  The issue is that when I cut and paste some content from web with figures into the SimplyHTML panel in Freemind.  The web clipping looks great (Great Job!!), however, the embedded html codes still having src pointing to the remote site.  It is correct behavior from the point of word process (it shouldn't change the copied content at all).  However, it will be a problem for the web clipping point of view.

The desired behavior for this specific application is that when the edited html code being saved, the figure files should be downloaded to the local drive along side with the saved html file and the html code (src) will be modified pointing to the local location.  Such behavior can be seen if I cut and paste same content into MS Word and save it into a local file.

Thank you for your reply,