Release Schedule Changed and Etc

I changed the release schedule/criteria

The initial source to the distro will be released very soon. It will be about a 250MB DL (bzip2 -9ed :-)

You'll need a separate HD partition to play with it fully, I strongly recomend you use some type of virtual machine to test it.
Basically the source will automagically build a complete linux system from scratch (many thanks to Linux From Scratch) using the latest GCC compiler, linux kernel, etc. You can then boot into this new system.
Note: it may turn out that this extra step of rebooting is not necessary, we'll see...)
To those who DL it: I'm particularly interested in these things:
USB keyboard, mouse
SCSI support
SMP problems
Modifying the build scripts to take advanteage of SMP systems (ie: make -j)

To come:
When I get SRPMS built (that should happen quickly) you will be able to build the distro iso images.
The next step will be a graphical installer.

When (if) sourceforge grants me permission to put a 3GB CVS source tree on their server, cvs access will be also be available.



Posted by Chad Hardin 2002-03-23

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