I have finished modifying the sources to make them workable with CVS!

I took out all the source codes to the packages and such (things like bash, gcc, glibc, etc, etc) and modified SGSTEP to be able to DL these sources on the fly.  This is still a work in progress however and may not fully compile.  I am testing it now.

If you would like to get the sources from CVS the correct module to check out is called “Prometheus”  This will be the new name of SGSTEP when it able to be released.

SGSTEP still needs better init scripts, instead of things like having symlinks called S900network, S100gnustep, etc, etc I would like to have scripts which check for dependencies and automatically execute each init script that is needed automatically.
Any takers?  Look at Gentoo’s init system for a great example of how to do this.

I’ve been working on the new WindowServer to replace X11, it is called NuVu.  The next release of XFree86 may be advanced enough to negate the need to continue this project however.