NuVu, the display system that will be SGStep has been floating around in my head for a couple months now.

I’m glad to say that I have got most of it nailed down and will start coding it tonight!

NuVu will be a lightweight window server which will use SystemV IPC for client/server communications, shared memory, and locking.
It wil be double-buffered for speed but will also be quite a memory hog as well.  It will be completely alpha-enabled at the core, not a add-on hack and should be quite fast when used on top of DirectFB.

First thing to come out will be the client and server C-based libs.  Next a (or a set) of Window server executables will be created, the final step will be the creation of a new GNUstep-backend to use it.  This should be some good, fun, stuff.